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You could file this under stuff I probably spent way too much time on. >_<

Willows Picture Wall

The frames are from Thread and Sandpaper. This is the first time I've ever attempted to recolour a custom object. I can't believe I managed to do this without exploding my game! :D  

I had a little bit of fun posing out a family portrait for the Marlen family (last entry).  A few more in detail after the cut. 

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So I finally got myself a new laptop. Purely for business of course. >_>  Incidentally it games quite well too. :D I had been prepping for a while, so it wasn't too difficult to have TS2 installed and my game copied over.  Though I can't imagine my story style changing all that much, I can work at a higher resolution and everything loads up faster too!  

I am playing around with aspect ratios for screenshots though. Chapter 35 will be in this format, just to see how it works out. Who knows, I may go back to the standard if I decide I hate it.

However, I do bring you a pic spam from my new computer's game. :D  Of course, I promptly tested load times last night with my decked out game by sending a sim family of mine on vacation. I'm happy to say that loading between community lots did NOT take all night! *joy*

So here's my impromptu pic spam. Commentary is lame as usual, but I did include a small teaser for the Simtopi spin-off at the end. ;)

The Marlen family adventures in Three Lakes

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Linden and Rowan Marlen

This is a gift specifically for the readers of SimTopi. I’m sure you know who they are and I do hope you enjoy them. :)


Time Warp

Apr. 14th, 2010 08:34 pm
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So I was doing my daily haunting over at GoS and was kind of inspired by everything going on in the Earth Day theme. I don't make custom content, but I can do Sim makeovers! :D

Desmond and Lin Lin

And these would be Desmond and Lin Lin Marlen, the Marlen founders. I'm so happy with how they turned out all CC'ed up :D

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So I think I had way too much fun tonight. :D

Marlens TS3


They probably aren't the greatest TS2 -> TS3 sims out there, but I don't think I did so badly with them.  I think they're a lot better than my last attempt , and it was fun creating them, even though I know I'll probably never play them in any real capacity.  I'll post a download link later when I figure out how to share them.   Downloads are now available at my site!
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Now Linden is back, I decided to do a quick photoshoot of the siblings, since I don't really have one of them all together like this.

Linden, Willow, Rowan

I'm also working on a photo tutorial which will simplify some cinematography and storyboarding tips and tricks that I've learned over the years of being an animator.  There's already lots of stuff online, but hopefully i'll be able to give this the Sim point of view. :D   I don't know if it's needed or what not, but I'll write it out and see if it's useful to anyone. Please let me know if there's anything specific I should include in it. :)
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I was fooling around with CAS in TS3 last night and thought it'd be sort of fun and interesting to see if I can recreate some more of my TS2 sims. I don't think I did too awfully last time around, particularly with Jaiden, Craig and Linden. Results after the cut!

I also added a poll for sim storytellers. Simple question: If you had all the resources from TS2 available to you for TS3, would you move your current story/legacy into it?

[Poll #1458588]

I'm mostly just curious. :D

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I decided to do a little photoshoot of Rowan. He's currently my favourite Sim. Not sure if I mentioned that like about two hundred times or not yet. >_>

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Just some random shots of my favourite family, the Marlens.

Willow Marlen, very shy, nerdy, witch-in-training. I was playing around with different face-masks here. I won't be using all that for the story pics, but it was fun to play around with it. I don't get a lot of chances to put sims together as most of the Sims I play right now are born in game.

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I’ve been holding off on this for a while because I normally don’t upload my Sims. I’ve had so much fun playing Generation 2 from my neighbourhood legacy that I thought I’d share if anyone is interested in them.

The downloads are available at my site. I’ll update with their detailed stats as soon as I load up the game.

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I'm going to try something different for both my game and my neighbourhood legacy. Generation 3 will have a more solid plot line rather than having my game decide the story for me, as well I'm going to try to introduce the supernatural elements because I haven't really given myself a chance to play with those before. So far, I'm having a lot of fun with it. Hope you enjoy!

note: I will try to make Generation 3 it's own contained story so it's not necessary to catch up with the legacy except to get background on characters.

Find any bugs?
Willow: No.. not yet... I think it's too cold for bugs.

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This will be the last story for Generation 2 as we move on to Gen 3. Nothing really happens here... people grow up, people graduate, people move in together. But it was fun to tie everything together before we move on.


Lydia: Can you say 'mama', Gabriel?
Gabriel: maaaaaama....

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This is a fairly hefty update (120 + pics or so), but it is the last part in this chapter.

This part of the story starts where this one left off here: [ link ]

>> Part one
>> Part two

Denise was happy to see her sister at the door even if it was 4 in the morning. She was surprised to see her so pregnant.

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» Part One


The Marlens had made enough money from Desmond being a celebrity chef that they were able to move from the cozy shack they loved into a bigger shack out in the hills. However this old house had enough room for the organic garden that Desmond always wanted. They kept the old bones of the place and retrofitted it with green power sources. It was important to the Marlens to be as low impact to the environment as they could be.

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Peregrin and Kestrel Marlen had gone off to college. Their first dorm was at the Suzuki House, the same dorm their sister Elf roomed in, but they quickly found that the dorm wasn't all that accepting of their more creative pursuits, and it was difficult for both of them to maintain the 4.0 grade point average that was mandatory to stay there. At the same time, Craig Baird had used his scholarship money and a loan from his dad to rent a house instead of moving into a dorm. Since he was best friends with Peregrin, it was an easy enough decision to invite him and his brother to stay with him to help offset the costs of living.

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These are Elf and Colin's eldest kids, the twins Linden and Rowan respectively. Today, they grew up, and they're looking better. Unique noses and pretty eyes = win.


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A Marlen family photo album... birthdays and weddings...

Elf Marlen, with the pretty new default skin.


She's still my favourite Sim. A true child of a couple of hippies.


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Apr. 7th, 2009 08:57 pm
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(Don't worry, folks, hopefully we'll be done with the craptastic game camera screenshots after this batch. )

When we last left Elf Marlen, she had just graduated from University and broken up with Clive the night before. Unfortunately, her family heard all about it. Lin Lin, Elf's mother, didn't take too kindly to the news.


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