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Jasmine, Gabriel and Cecilia
I've been spending a bit of time on Chapter 39 lately now that I can. (mini-Yay!)  I spent way too much time making family pictures for background elements. Since they're neither spoiler or teaser, I'm sharing them now.   If you read the story, you know who these kids are. :D
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First of all, huge thank you to [ profile] enchanted_black who featured SimTopi for the May Story Feature over at [ profile] simhaven . I still don't know what else I can say except that I'm truly honoured. I may go out and reward myself with some Haagen Daz. I'll do it too. :D

And just because, I'm going to post the last of my SimTopi founder makeovers, and that would be for the Markelly family.

The Markelly family

Denise (Jasmine and Cecilia's mom) is the outgoing girl on our left, and Lydia (Gabriel's mother) is the shy one on the right.

Again, playing around with different skintones, these by Aquilegia.

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I was doing some more clean up of my screenshot folder (it's a big folder!) and I came across a whole folder of pics that I sort of forgot existed. Some of it went into the Gen 2 stories, but most of these are pretty much Gabriel, Jasmine and Cecilia in their very early years, never before seen in this blog. So I thought for those that like this kind of stuff, it'd be neat to share. :)

There's no big story here and none of this is integral to the plotline of Gen 3. At this point, I don't even think I had worked out what I was going to gen 3 yet. I just thought it might be fun to post these. Please forgive the occasional plumbBob.

So without further ado, I present to you...

The Baird early years


+58 more pics, a lot of them of Jasmine, Gabe and Cecilia as toddlers :D )

BTW, I was looking at my site stats last night and was pleasantly surprised to see that my hosting comes with unlimited bandwidth. So that's why I'll be posting 600x450 size pics from now on. I don't know if this will make a huge difference to the aesthetic of the story, or if it will take that much longer to download. But let me know if the larger pics are an issue.

Thank you for reading!


Sep. 15th, 2009 02:24 pm
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I feel like I just started my day. :p But I have so much stuff to do and I need to get it done by the end of the day. /sigh. Anyway, I have been going through all the characters and trying to get decent portrait shots for all of them. Today it's Gabriel's turn.

Gabriel Markelly

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Sep. 11th, 2009 11:46 am
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So I spent a good chunk of last night working on screenshots for the Chapter 13. I have the story and plot all worked out in my head, I just needed the screenshots posed out which was kinda easy enough to do if you like driving spoons through your eyes, that sort of thing. After I've organized everything, I realized it came to over 120 screenshots. Ughgggghghghghghghg. I need to work out the pacing of the story a little better. I haven't decided if I'm going to do this as one mega chapter or divide it up. Seriously, I like taking the screenshots (most of the time), but this writing stuff goes over my head sometimes. D=

Anyway, this was sort of a nothing post so here's one for Team Gabriel. :D

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This will be the last story for Generation 2 as we move on to Gen 3. Nothing really happens here... people grow up, people graduate, people move in together. But it was fun to tie everything together before we move on.


Lydia: Can you say 'mama', Gabriel?
Gabriel: maaaaaama....

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This is a fairly hefty update (120 + pics or so), but it is the last part in this chapter.

This part of the story starts where this one left off here: [ link ]

>> Part one
>> Part two

Denise was happy to see her sister at the door even if it was 4 in the morning. She was surprised to see her so pregnant.

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Just a few pics of the houses I’ve built for the first gen Marlens and Markellys. They aren’t up for upload because I built them with the sims living on the lot and they’re really customized for my Sims anyway.

The Markelly house:

Moar pics this-a-way….

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Craig and Elf bumped into eachother briefly at the Upper Oliver Village. She had just met up with an old friend for lunch and Clive just happened to be there. He was picking up something to wear for his sister's graduation.


Seeing her again reminded Clive that he is still in love with her, even though Elf had moved on and felt nothing for him. Politely, he asked about her family and she did the same, though he had to tell her that he was still single.

After their brief interaction, Elf made the awkward but polite invitation to "do lunch sometime". Something Clive knew would probably never happen. The two parted ways.


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Denise and Lydia moved in to the Tiberius Dormitory, a sports and fitness oriented dorm near the edge of town. Apparently, it's far enough that penguins roam freely.


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This post is about pictures of the Markelly family (post CC and all).


Tyler Markelly is adorable. She has her dad's looks.

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I broke my own rule about custom content and finally downloaded some, mostly from ModtheSims2. I’ve been playing around with different default skins and eyes and hair styles in Body Shop all weekend. I’ve concluded that my game style will always still be Maxis-match predominantly, but I really like the way the combination of these particular CC elements look in my game.

Lydia Markelly

Denise Markelly

Lydia’s Hair by Nouk from MTS2
Eyes by Shady from MTS2 (Natural Beauty eyes… MTS2 is a bit borked lately so you can’t download her defaults, however I made my own as well as made them townie friendly and geneticized for game consistency)*
Denise’s Lipstick by Bruno
Lydia’s lipgloss by Dragonmandy

The result: I don’t think these CCs compromised the overall look of the game and the enhancements are subtle but very pretty I think. I doubt I will be using any custom skins though… I’ve experimented in Body Shop and the only ones I were remotely interested in made my characters look strange.**

(This post has been editted to show better pics. The original ingame screenshots are here and here)
*I switched my eye defaults to Shady’s Sparkling eyes (shown in the new pics), and I think they suit my Sims much better.
** I’ve been using Leh’s Maxis-Match Skin defaults. I’m very happy with them.

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Continued from Part 1

When Brandon wasn’t working at his office, he spent at the businesses he owned. His businesses were somewhat successful and he met a lot of people. One day he met Audrey White, a much younger up-and-coming artist at his gallery one night and briefly considered pursuing her for a brief romance to rebuild his own damaged ego.


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It starts with Brandon Markelly, a fortune Sim and his identical twin daughters, Lydia and Denise. When they moved to SimTopi, Brandon was a single father and hopeful businessman. He lost his wife years before to a rare disease so he was determined to be a good father to his twins.

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