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Having some fun tonight. Making some magazine props for upcoming chapters. :)  

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Jasmine, Gabriel and Cecilia
I've been spending a bit of time on Chapter 39 lately now that I can. (mini-Yay!)  I spent way too much time making family pictures for background elements. Since they're neither spoiler or teaser, I'm sharing them now.   If you read the story, you know who these kids are. :D
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I had so much fun with the Marlen Founders, I went ahead and revisited another one of my founders.

Garret and Talula Baird makeover

The Baird founders, Talula and Garret.


Mar. 1st, 2010 10:42 pm
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Delia Baird
Delia Baird

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I was doing some more clean up of my screenshot folder (it's a big folder!) and I came across a whole folder of pics that I sort of forgot existed. Some of it went into the Gen 2 stories, but most of these are pretty much Gabriel, Jasmine and Cecilia in their very early years, never before seen in this blog. So I thought for those that like this kind of stuff, it'd be neat to share. :)

There's no big story here and none of this is integral to the plotline of Gen 3. At this point, I don't even think I had worked out what I was going to gen 3 yet. I just thought it might be fun to post these. Please forgive the occasional plumbBob.

So without further ado, I present to you...

The Baird early years


+58 more pics, a lot of them of Jasmine, Gabe and Cecilia as toddlers :D )

BTW, I was looking at my site stats last night and was pleasantly surprised to see that my hosting comes with unlimited bandwidth. So that's why I'll be posting 600x450 size pics from now on. I don't know if this will make a huge difference to the aesthetic of the story, or if it will take that much longer to download. But let me know if the larger pics are an issue.

Thank you for reading!
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And 'cause I couldn't sleep, I decided to work on the story a bit, but I also put together some character shots.

So here's a pic spam of Jasmine and Adrian.

Jasmine Baird
Jasmine Baird

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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I’ve finally packaged up the Gen 2 Bairds except for Craig Baird. Why no Craig? Because Craig, being the victim of First Born Syndrome is actually a clone of older brother Clive. I didn’t know about FBS when I was playing this family earlier. You can see from my stories that I’ve attempted to make him look as different from Clive as I could superficially. I will no doubt in the future upload his TS3 form though. :)

I have also included the Gen 3 Bairds , Jasmine and Cecilia as a bonus. ;)

The downloads are available at my site.

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This will be the last story for Generation 2 as we move on to Gen 3. Nothing really happens here... people grow up, people graduate, people move in together. But it was fun to tie everything together before we move on.


Lydia: Can you say 'mama', Gabriel?
Gabriel: maaaaaama....

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This is a fairly hefty update (120 + pics or so), but it is the last part in this chapter.

This part of the story starts where this one left off here: [ link ]

>> Part one
>> Part two

Denise was happy to see her sister at the door even if it was 4 in the morning. She was surprised to see her so pregnant.

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» Part One


The Marlens had made enough money from Desmond being a celebrity chef that they were able to move from the cozy shack they loved into a bigger shack out in the hills. However this old house had enough room for the organic garden that Desmond always wanted. They kept the old bones of the place and retrofitted it with green power sources. It was important to the Marlens to be as low impact to the environment as they could be.

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Peregrin and Kestrel Marlen had gone off to college. Their first dorm was at the Suzuki House, the same dorm their sister Elf roomed in, but they quickly found that the dorm wasn't all that accepting of their more creative pursuits, and it was difficult for both of them to maintain the 4.0 grade point average that was mandatory to stay there. At the same time, Craig Baird had used his scholarship money and a loan from his dad to rent a house instead of moving into a dorm. Since he was best friends with Peregrin, it was an easy enough decision to invite him and his brother to stay with him to help offset the costs of living.

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The stories of the Bairds, Marlens and Markelly's will probably start to entertwine so it's probably pointless to keep the titles all seperated. From now on, they'll just be known by whatever generations.

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Craig and Elf bumped into eachother briefly at the Upper Oliver Village. She had just met up with an old friend for lunch and Clive just happened to be there. He was picking up something to wear for his sister's graduation.


Seeing her again reminded Clive that he is still in love with her, even though Elf had moved on and felt nothing for him. Politely, he asked about her family and she did the same, though he had to tell her that he was still single.

After their brief interaction, Elf made the awkward but polite invitation to "do lunch sometime". Something Clive knew would probably never happen. The two parted ways.


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(Last update today! I'm trying to get this blog caught up with my game. Too many screens to share. :p)

Talula and Garret share a moment together in their new home. They've certainly come a long way from when Garret was a low-life hanging out in bars, coming home drunk.


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At last, SimTopi has it's first elected mayor. After long nights campaigning, hours on the phone talking to sponsors and potential voters, Garret Baird finally fullfilled his life long dream and became Mayor, earning him permanent platinum aspiration.


* Okay I lied, I have a few more "old" screenshots here with my characters "Pre-cc".

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> Part Two
> Part One
> Prologue

Clive and Audrey spend an evening sitting on the weedy lawn, looking at the stars and reminiscing about their school years. Despite it all, they were still friends. Clive never saw Jennifer Elmsley again, no matter how often she called. But he never heard from Elf for the remainder of the school year either.

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>> Prologue
>> Part 1

Note: Again, some of these pics are poor quality because they were taken on my non-gaming laptop so the graphic settings were low. However, half of them really have no excuse. I haven’t downloaded any custom content at this point and I was lazy about taking screenshots.

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