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maxis taste Dare 19 - The Smith House

So I spent a good chunk of my day off doing the "Do Not Touch" Building Challenge over at [ profile] maxis_taste . I can't resist a building challenge! :D I pretty much decorated keeping in mind  the  typical human/alien couple with kids living the normal life with the white picket fence and all that. I had way too much fun!

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Jan. 18th, 2011 03:37 pm
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Don't mind me, I've been procrastinating all afternoon on doing any actual work. I've been mindlessly surfing, refreshing the friend list, that sort of thing.

A little bit ago, I read on [ profile] genlisae's journal that [ profile] sim_spiration was hosting the first annual Sims Story Creating Month. To which I jumped to look. I've always wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo, but I've either never had the time or inspiration to do so. But for me, Sims stuff is easy because well, I'm a bit of an addict you see.

I'd absolutely LOVE to participate but I don't want to put down a goal of a chapter or two or three of Simtopi because that's something I want to do anyway. There's also the Wren & Raven "spin off" story I'd like to do, but I really don't know if I can start that yet. What I have been thinking of doing was composing a short about a certain pre-made family in an alternate universe type of setting (and one of my NY resolutions was to explore the premades more, too).

My schedule is always so up and down though and my job can take a lot of my mental energy. If I take this story on, it's going to be another month where I'm distracted from writing Simtopi chapters, and that's something I *also* want to do. So I don't know. The other projects could wait, I suppose, but it's always so fun to be part of something right?

In any case, plug for SimStoCreMo! :)
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One last picspam (taken last night) before this week is over and I fly off on my trusty steed for romance and adventures with the significant other. :D

Engram-au foundation challenge

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(Game's still not running, I will have to deal with this when we get back. Yeah this cinches it that there's no SimTopi update this weekend, though I had doubted it was gonna happen anyway... but I promise it's pretty much almost in the bag, I just needed a few more shots!)
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Steampunk Goths

[ profile] maxis_taste challenge #16: "Theme me up"
I decided to go with the infamous Goth family of some strange steampunk sort-of-apocalyptic period where Mortimer's mastered the elixir of youth and Bella has never gone away.

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Wgroome foundation

This is another lot for  the Foundation Challenge I'm taking part in.  This foundation was made by [ profile] wgroome . (link here)

I've decided to go with a bit of a different style than my last two. This one is a  restaurant with two floors of  fine dining. Most of the beautiful artwork are "sim-ified" classics by [ profile] dgjamie

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foundation challenge - remisims

Finished the first Foundation Challenge lot, using [ profile] remisims ' foundation (link!).

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[ profile] wgroome started up this Foundation challenge over at his LJ. I haven't done many building challenges and I thought this would be fun.

Anyway, here's my foundation for the participants. :D

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I can't wait to get started on everyone else's. 
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all season Ottomas

Yes so I'm up late as usual because that's just the way I roll. I had a bit of fun with the Ottomas family for [ profile] maxis_taste dare #013 so I spent tonight putting the pics together. I honestly love this family.

About 30 pics, part dare, part random, all Ottomas! )

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