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Internet cookies who could tell me who this premade from my story might be? Her first initial is “M” 

(Also, I am still working on a Simtopi update. I haven’t really stopped, but I’m hoping to have one out before the end of this month.)  
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Nancy Drew Sims

I wanted to do something for [ profile] maxis_taste Dare #28 (Fandom, anyone?) and thought of Nancy Drew today. :)  

When I was younger, I read every single classic Nancy Drew book I could find at the library. For this dare, I wanted to use Sims I've never really played before. 

The sims are Tina Traveller as Bess Marvin, Tara DeBateau as Nancy Drew, and Violet Jocque as George Fayne. (I didn't change anything except hair, makeup and clothes, and obviously aging Tina to teen) 


Feb. 23rd, 2012 02:23 am
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Frances McCullough made a small cameo in the last chapter.  I kind of liked her look so I set up a photo shoot. An "old friend" decided to join the fun.  

3 more pics, some set notes )

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The Roth Family second chance

The first time I went in and checked Riverblossom Hills out, it kind of didn't do anything for me. When I found out the Roths were supposed to be an parody (alternate reality?) version of the Goths, I honestly wondered what the point of it was. Furthermore, after reading a bit about them, they just kind of bored me.

So that is why they're getting a second chance from me for [ profile] maxis_taste's  Dare 26. I don't really have a lot of time to actually play them but I did give them and most of their house a makeover. 

Hope you like it. I had fun with the  retro theme.

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Bella and Mortimer
I got the Sims 3 patched up and just for fun, I started playing around with Mortimer and Bella in Sunset Valley. And for even more shits and giggles, I installed Cmomoney's Pose Player.  So that's what I did tonight. 

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House of Fallen Trees

Good evening! Submitted for your scrutiny, my make-over of the infamous House of Fallen Trees, done for [ profile] maxis_taste Dare #24

(I have wanted to make over this house for the longest time. The dare finally gave me a good reason to get around to it. )

Warning: Blood, death, and creepiness. Not for the squeamish.

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Mortimer and Bella go on a date. Drive through a toxic cloud, hit a rock.... 
1 big picture ahead, some gore... )

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I couldn't sleep so I decided to finish up this meme instead ;)

This is a meme about pre-made sims. Although most questions ask about a pre-made (singular), feel free to list more than one. Elaborate on your answers (the constant 'and why?' after each question seemed redundant). Skip or replace any questions you don't find interesting.

Brought to you by [ profile] tomwood1906

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After thinking about it for a long while now, I've decided these two aren't going in the story. :p

Cassandra and Alexander
Well... at least not in Gen 3.  Or who knows maybe I'll change my mind and I've just killed the surprise. :p   

edit: added one more pic, because I spend way more time on decorating sets than CCing Sims :D

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Maxis Taste Dare 19 - the Una House
Hello folks! Welcome my last installment of the [ profile] maxis_taste  "Do Not Touch" challenge! Previously, we've made over the Smith House, and then the Cordial house, with the criteria that we could not move or recolor specified objects. Now, we're continuing the madness. Who's this 'we' we're talking about? I have no clue. It's late, I can't sleep. I'll be lucky if I could do a proper LJ cut.  >.< 

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maxis taste dare 19 - the cordial house
I finished these pictures last night but LJ decided to be a jerk.  I got annoyed and went to bed instead. This morning it's still being annoying as I can't post pics in the rich text editor. But I soldiered on anyway. Now that my little rant is done, here is another house done over for [ profile] maxis_taste  "Do Not Touch" challenge. 

And yeah, I went ahead and made it a challenge. >.<
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maxis taste Dare 19 - The Smith House

So I spent a good chunk of my day off doing the "Do Not Touch" Building Challenge over at [ profile] maxis_taste . I can't resist a building challenge! :D I pretty much decorated keeping in mind  the  typical human/alien couple with kids living the normal life with the white picket fence and all that. I had way too much fun!

30 more pictures of the made over Smith House! )
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I don't know why but I suddenly love these two. :D
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Steampunk Goths

[ profile] maxis_taste challenge #16: "Theme me up"
I decided to go with the infamous Goth family of some strange steampunk sort-of-apocalyptic period where Mortimer's mastered the elixir of youth and Bella has never gone away.

+13 more pics of the Goth family here )
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This is a companion post to the Staging Sims for Sequential Art post. Basically, this is just me attempting to demonstrate what I know.  Please let me know what you like or don't like about this scene and if it is effective (and being polite isn't necessary, this was totally an excercise for myself).

These are only pics, no dialogue. No CC (except for the girl's makeup, posing and animation hacks and my defaults) and the setting is untouched from the basegame.

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I'm actually really surprised and happy how this picture turned out. It was kind of a last minute addition to Chapter 18 but I thought it came out neat. So I turned it into my lj icon. :D

Left 4 Dead 2 is out this week and apparently the boyfriend has a copy waiting for me so my free time might be occupied for the next little while. On top of that I've gotten pretty busy with work-type stuff. The next chapter might take a bit of effort to shoot out, and I haven't even started yet. But it's all planned out in my head, for what it's worth. I'm hoping I'll be able to stay up to date but with everything going on, Chapter 19 may slip. Not too late I hope.

Right now, my brain is fried so I'm going to drink this beer, watch my brother play DJ Hero, then go play Sims if I'm up to it later. :)

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all season Ottomas

Yes so I'm up late as usual because that's just the way I roll. I had a bit of fun with the Ottomas family for [ profile] maxis_taste dare #013 so I spent tonight putting the pics together. I honestly love this family.

About 30 pics, part dare, part random, all Ottomas! )

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