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Simtopi hood view
I didn't really have a lot of scenic pics of Simtopi from the neighbourhood view, so this is what I did tonight. 

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Just to give you an idea of what's coming up...

Wesley and Willow

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Having some fun tonight. Making some magazine props for upcoming chapters. :)  

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Bella and Mortimer
I got the Sims 3 patched up and just for fun, I started playing around with Mortimer and Bella in Sunset Valley. And for even more shits and giggles, I installed Cmomoney's Pose Player.  So that's what I did tonight. 

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Dec. 30th, 2011 03:03 am
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Good evening folks!

A few people requested posters of the Simtopi cast. I had a lot of fun doing these, I hope no one minds if I share them here!  

These are the first recolours I've ever shared, so please do let me know if anything is amiss with them. 

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dare 24 The Beaker House

"Something went horribly wrong."

Warnings: This version of the Beakers are not fluffy, happy mad scientists. Blood and other disturbing content ahead.

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My self-sim used to live on an empty lot. Poor girl. ;) I decided to give her somewhere nice to live.   I spammed these on my Tumblr throughout the day, so some of you have probably already seen them.  

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Linden in Takemizu

I know it might seem like Linden Marlen is the nice half of the Marlen twins, but he can be as much of a jerk as Rowan is. 

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Mortimer and Bella go on a date. Drive through a toxic cloud, hit a rock.... 
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You could file this under stuff I probably spent way too much time on. >_<

Willows Picture Wall

The frames are from Thread and Sandpaper. This is the first time I've ever attempted to recolour a custom object. I can't believe I managed to do this without exploding my game! :D  

I had a little bit of fun posing out a family portrait for the Marlen family (last entry).  A few more in detail after the cut. 

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I did a photo shoot with Jasmine last night however. I posted this to Tumblr/twitter so some of you've already seen it. 


1 pic, a little bloody, but it's got Jasmine in it. And some more ramble about real life that I know you totally want to read! )
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Ahem: Some fun notes!
Time's finally crept up on me and it is now my turn for the Simstoryteller Spotlight. If there is anything you'd like to interview me on, ask away and unless it's major spoilers, then I'll do my best to answer it. :) The Q&A is over here.   Thank you to those who've already asked a question. :D

Second of all, sim storytellers and readers need to check this new community out here: [ profile] simstorylibrary  . The premise is straightforward, all it needs is yooooooouuu! :D  I'll be posting my link there in a while and I would encourage you to post your stories and your story recommendations there too! :)

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The Duarte House
Last night I went to go test some CC in the game, and randomly picked a family out of the neighbourhood to help me out with it. The pointer landed on the Duartes. :D   

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 Meadow Thayer

I mentioned I was looking for a TS3 version of Meadow Thayer a bit ago. After finally getting to it tonight, it looks to me like  Acchan0's Meadow was the closest to the original Meadow Thayer (aka Face 8 EASI). Thanks for your help on that, everyone! :D 

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We all know that Sims 2 doesn't do emo-type vampires very well. Sure you've got Edward all cold and sparkly and what not, it kinda kills the mood when he turns to you and goes "BLEHHH! bleh?" Sims 3 isn't any better. :D These were outtakes from my attempt to pose Cecilia and Wesley (both from seperate households), in a community lot.  I'm making a big deal of this, but I really didn't know how to use the mods or cheats in my game yet. So getting this shot was a PITA. :p Here was the final result:
Wesley and Cecilia
Kind of a pseudo teaser  

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Simtopi highlights 29-40
I started  compiling this last night. Ah the things we do when we can't sleep. :D
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time to go home

Last big TS3 pic spam for a while. :) 

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Ooh P.S. I almost forgot to mention that for those who might have been curious, I found some info on Moxie Logan, Adrian's now deceased fiancee and celebrity fitness trainer.
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Just a couple of teasers brought to you by Insomnia. 


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