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I made over the Lulu Lounge way back when for a scene in my story, and finished it up.  I'd love to share it now.

ETA: I'm entering this for Dare 32 on [ profile] maxis_taste :)    

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dare 24 The Beaker House

"Something went horribly wrong."

Warnings: This version of the Beakers are not fluffy, happy mad scientists. Blood and other disturbing content ahead.

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House of Fallen Trees

Good evening! Submitted for your scrutiny, my make-over of the infamous House of Fallen Trees, done for [ profile] maxis_taste Dare #24

(I have wanted to make over this house for the longest time. The dare finally gave me a good reason to get around to it. )

Warning: Blood, death, and creepiness. Not for the squeamish.

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My self-sim used to live on an empty lot. Poor girl. ;) I decided to give her somewhere nice to live.   I spammed these on my Tumblr throughout the day, so some of you have probably already seen them.  

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The Duarte House
Last night I went to go test some CC in the game, and randomly picked a family out of the neighbourhood to help me out with it. The pointer landed on the Duartes. :D   

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Maxis Taste Dare 19 - the Una House
Hello folks! Welcome my last installment of the [ profile] maxis_taste  "Do Not Touch" challenge! Previously, we've made over the Smith House, and then the Cordial house, with the criteria that we could not move or recolor specified objects. Now, we're continuing the madness. Who's this 'we' we're talking about? I have no clue. It's late, I can't sleep. I'll be lucky if I could do a proper LJ cut.  >.< 

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maxis taste dare 19 - the cordial house
I finished these pictures last night but LJ decided to be a jerk.  I got annoyed and went to bed instead. This morning it's still being annoying as I can't post pics in the rich text editor. But I soldiered on anyway. Now that my little rant is done, here is another house done over for [ profile] maxis_taste  "Do Not Touch" challenge. 

And yeah, I went ahead and made it a challenge. >.<
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maxis taste Dare 19 - The Smith House

So I spent a good chunk of my day off doing the "Do Not Touch" Building Challenge over at [ profile] maxis_taste . I can't resist a building challenge! :D I pretty much decorated keeping in mind  the  typical human/alien couple with kids living the normal life with the white picket fence and all that. I had way too much fun!

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The SSU greek house lots

I’ve been playing the SSU greek houses for a while, and I was not really happy with them in their original state. So I made them over with elements from the later EPs/SPs. The Tri-Var got a little more structural change as it is a setting for my story.

I haven't done too much with them other than update them for the later expansion and stuff packs. I got the idea to share them after having too much fun playing with my girls in Chapter 36.  Of course, we'll see the original Tri-Var girls (Brittany, Tiffany and Heather) in future chapters. I'm looking to be done with the Brittany storyline soon. Anyway, here's the pic spam. 

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(Pictures are mirrored at

Download here: [ Tri-Var House ] [ Urele Oresha Cham House ]
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Club Dante

I get that at the start of your game, Malcolm Landgraab IV has probably just come into his inheritance and is beginning to make some investments. Club Dante starts off in a crappy little building. Not very impressive and definitely not worthy of a Landgraab Industries holding.  Well, after a few decades, the original club has undergone some changes.

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City Hall
This is what I worked on tonight. :p

(For no reason, has no bearing on the story. I don't know why I feel the need to disclaim that, lol ^_^ )

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Zone type: University community lot
Size: 5×4
Price: n/a
custom content: objects, windows (see CC list)
EP/SP required: all (except for Teen Style)


Another community lot or set donated by the City of Simtopi to your neighbourhood.

I wanted an art school kind of set for the story (this lot featured in Chapter 10) so I built this and made it functional as a university community lot. Included should be all skill builders, as well as some arts and crafts hobby items. I’m really not sure what anyone else would do with a lot like this, but there was some interest in it, so here it is. :)

A lot of this was actually inspired by my alma mater, which  did have a great and varied technical art program.

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University Central
Zone type: University community lot
size: 4×5
price: n/a
custom content: none
EP/SP required: all (except for Teen Style)
bonus: a soccer field!

I’ve had this lot in my game for quite some time,¬† and readers of my story may be familiar with it, so here it is available for download on the off chance anyone else would want it. :)

This is a community lot meant for University, though I think you might be able to adjust it for where ever you need it to be. At the time, I wanted a community lot that students could actually spend their entire semester in if they wanted to. All their needs can be taken care of here if they don’t mind never sleeping because they’re hopped up on espresso. I don’t know why you’d want to keep them here for that long, but just in case, they can survive and get their term papers and assignments done. ;)

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One last picspam (taken last night) before this week is over and I fly off on my trusty steed for romance and adventures with the significant other. :D

Engram-au foundation challenge

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(Game's still not running, I will have to deal with this when we get back. Yeah this cinches it that there's no SimTopi update this weekend, though I had doubted it was gonna happen anyway... but I promise it's pretty much almost in the bag, I just needed a few more shots!)
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Wgroome foundation

This is another lot for  the Foundation Challenge I'm taking part in.  This foundation was made by [ profile] wgroome . (link here)

I've decided to go with a bit of a different style than my last two. This one is a  restaurant with two floors of  fine dining. Most of the beautiful artwork are "sim-ified" classics by [ profile] dgjamie

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foundation challenge - remisims

Finished the first Foundation Challenge lot, using [ profile] remisims ' foundation (link!).

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I don't think I've ever done a proper tour of this dorm. I've been using it since Generation 2 (original inhabitants were Lydia and Denise Markelly). I had meant to upload it a while ago along with the Rose Road Dorms but I didn't seem to have a vacant version packaged up and there's a few things that I'm unhappy with on a technical level. But it works fine as a set.


It's actually called "The Tiberius House" in my game. I don't know why, I wanted this to be a sports/fitness oriented dorm and ended up thinking of James T. Kirk. Absolutely no clue why.

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The Asylum
Zone: Residential
Lot Size: 1×5 (custom lot size, see post)
Price: §89 095 (furnished), §43 579 (unfurnished)
Custom content: none


Another Lot built for Pixel Trade’s “Build A Neighbourhood“. This one is for the Rowhouse mini-challenge, which was really neat to do. Even better when you start placing all the rowhouses together.

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