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I'm sorry I never finished this story. I don't know if I ever will to be honest.

The sad (in a first-world problems kind of sad) tale, is that Sims 2 with all its custom content had been slowing down severely on my laptop, and as it goes, life changes and along with it a different set of responsibilities and schedules. Recently, I've installed Sims 2 Ultimate Collection on my new computer, but my custom neighbourhood would not work. Simtopi won't load up again.

Visit my tumblr to read The Sad Tale of Losing My Sims 2 custom hood...

I'd like to finish the story to be honest. I'm just not sure how at this point. Sims 2 still gives us the best options for Sims story telling, but I don't have a lot of time to rebuild everything from scratch.

In the meantime, I've really gotten myself into Sims 4, and I rebooted the Simtopi families from the first generation. There's no over all plot or story line though, and there may be some vague spoilers about how I wanted to finish this story. The sims do what they will do with a bit of guidance from me, and I post screens and add stupid comments and dialogue. If you want to read it in chronological order, they're here:

I'm mostly on Tumblr now. I'm not sure what will happen to this Livejournal. I can tell you that I miss the community that was here in LJ, and if anyone's still around, I may be around too!

Thank you.
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Outtake from chapter 52

Once again, I'm going to apologize for the lateness of this chapter. I'm trying to work on chapter 53, but right now I am so very tired.  

I have many excuses, but my biggest one is that I'm dating again.  It's actually been pretty fun and I'm kind of excited about it. I have a whole dating diary thing on my personal LJ if you're curious (the dating entries are f-locked, though simmers here are more than welcome, 'cause jeebus knows, advice is good  :D ).

Ahem. Anyway, this week I'd also like to start working on Auberon again. Unfortunately, I cannot find my Late Night disk and I'm too tired to look for it.  But I still want to finish this too! :)

Thank you, everyone for all the comments and notes on the chapter. It still means a lot that you're still reading. *hugs* 

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Well, that last week, especially the last few days, I really did try. And I might have made a lot more progress if a few nights hadn't been shot down because of work, social or babysitting obligations. And in all honesty, I hadn't found that "zone" like I had with chapter 49 and most other chapters. I think it's the Universe's way of telling me that the chapter needed more time.  :p

My goal was 2 chapters finished and published and to write out the summaries of chapter 22-38.

I accomplished getting chapter 49 published. Small yay! ;)

Commiseration post this way...  )
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Meadow is consoled
Meadow is consoled. (chapter 50 teaser)

Well, she was up against Bella, it's kind of stiff competition there. ;)  

What does that have to do with this post. Not a lot really. Because today is SimStoCreMo update day. Wheee!

update post this way )

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If you've been a long time visitor to this story, you do know and understand how much fun I'm having with this. I know I tend to get a little carried away with the storyline, and maybe things that are obvious to me, aren't so obvious to others. For example, I really did think I gave away Clara's back story back in Chapter 39, but in feedback people still told me they were surprised.

I've been working on sorting out the end arc. Believe it or not, we're here! It will take a few more chapters yet, but I'm going to do my best to be careful with it and not miss a thing. I've been getting so much great feedback from everyone so far, I really do appreciate it. What I'd love to do now is make this a "guessing" post. I'd love to know where you think I'm taking the story. If there are any plot lines that confuse you. If there are any storylines or characters you think I should explore before the end.

I won't tell you whats going on here obviously, but I'll acknowledge it. I just feel like I've spent a lot of time on this and for me it really is a huge project, I just want to make sure I treat the ending well, that I don't rush things or make people confused. :)

Thank you for your help. Believe me, you will ALL get credit when I'm done.

ETA: Thank you all for your comments. It really does help give me a sense of what the readers are getting. So far, I don't think I'm missing too much. 

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I'm loving the Pep talks. Dicreasy's advice was simple (take a break!) and it came at a great time. It really did help reading it. :)

Let's see...

Goal: minimum 2 chapters, chapter 49-50. 3 chapters if I'm feeling ambitious. Summaries written from chapter 21-38.

This week's goal:
- start chapter 50 outline
- sims cast, sets scouted, built and decorated

- one out of two chapters done! (Chapter 49 published. Wooo!)

Next week's goal:
- have most of the screenshots done

tldr notes and 4 pics this way )
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So I have time to kill before I have to do what I have to do for work. I might as well do my update now, as I said I would do last week (did a week go by already? Holy crap!)

Anyway, I'll write what I've done first, throw in a couple of teasers for Chapter 49 and then the TL;DR ramble about motivation and such. :D

The Story update post right ahead... )


Oct. 24th, 2011 09:51 pm
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Thank you everyone for reading and commenting on the last chapter. I always appreciate that you take the time to, it means a lot. :')  

Story babble and a teaser... )
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Ooookay, so I said I'd have an update by now. I totally lied. Sorry. :(

This is what's going on... )

Last teaser until Chapter 45 comes out. I will do my best to get all the stuff I said I'd do this weekend. :)

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You could file this under stuff I probably spent way too much time on. >_<

Willows Picture Wall

The frames are from Thread and Sandpaper. This is the first time I've ever attempted to recolour a custom object. I can't believe I managed to do this without exploding my game! :D  

I had a little bit of fun posing out a family portrait for the Marlen family (last entry).  A few more in detail after the cut. 

Read more... )

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The Duarte House
Last night I went to go test some CC in the game, and randomly picked a family out of the neighbourhood to help me out with it. The pointer landed on the Duartes. :D   

9 more pictures, some history... )
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 Meadow Thayer

I mentioned I was looking for a TS3 version of Meadow Thayer a bit ago. After finally getting to it tonight, it looks to me like  Acchan0's Meadow was the closest to the original Meadow Thayer (aka Face 8 EASI). Thanks for your help on that, everyone! :D 

more this way, about +4 more pictures )
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Disorganized and random Sims thoughts before I head off on adventures for the day.

The teal deers! They're free!!! )
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After thinking about it for a long while now, I've decided these two aren't going in the story. :p

Cassandra and Alexander
Well... at least not in Gen 3.  Or who knows maybe I'll change my mind and I've just killed the surprise. :p   

edit: added one more pic, because I spend way more time on decorating sets than CCing Sims :D

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I have several screenshots. I have a decent idea of what scenes I need. And now I'm sitting here wondering what to do with all the pictures. I feel like I'm playing a game with my own story and the story is beating me.

It probably is an organization problem, but I think a big thing for me to is that a lot of the chapters coming up, including the next one, will have some kind of conclusion or resolution. Like I've said before, I need to be careful how to balance all of it. I'm kind of bummed out that this next chapter is not working for me yet, but I don't know how to get around that. I'm not enthusiastic about it. Maybe I need to throw in some kind of random zombie invasion or something. I don't know, lol. All I guess I could do is complain about it a little bit and hope my readers forgive me. >_<

So have an apology outtake instead. :)
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Wesley and Willo

I wouldn't blame anyone if they thought I forgot about him. ;)
1 more pic, vamp default babble )

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I think it was a little ambitious to try to get Chapter 38 out this weekend. If I had nothing else to do, it probably would have happened, but I spent the better part of last night and today hanging out with the dude, and I have appointments tomorrow (and spending the morning preparing for said appointments.)

I can't help but be a little excited and nervous for it though. I feel I have to warn people that it's completely and absolutely ridiculous, though I never promised anyone classy literature here. At least on my part, working on it was stupid fun. Emphasis on the word "stupid". :D

So for this truly ridiculous chapter being later than I wanted it to, here's a lame teaser that shows you absolutely nothing. :D

Teaser pic this way... )

Ooo P.S. I also wanted to pimp out my new Gallery: I wanted an easier way to upload, store and show off my sim pics so I put it together a few days ago. I'll still pic spam here though. >:)
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Gabriels apartment

This is the  view facing "west" of my Sim State University hood.  Right at the bottom of the pic are the University Way shops, and you can see the 3 small houses on Almond Road. The second plumbBob from the left is Gabriel's apartment.   I imagine the place to be set in a small rural town, the university being the big business there, so the neighbouring areas is country side full of farms and green space. The railroad we see here goes north to south and is surrounded by rocks and trees.

When I went in to shoot Chapter 37, I did notice a discrepancy which I guess I never noticed before. Take a look at the hood view above, and the next pic (from the chapter, no big spoilers) below the cut

+25 more pics of Gabriel's apartment and neighbourhood )

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