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Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Website:SimTopi @ LJ

Me: I'm new to the Sims 2 community, but not to the Sims. I've been a Sims addict since the original game. On forums, my handle is Blackdaisies. Around these parts, you can call me Mela (which is a slightly more or slightly less obnoxious short form of "Pamela" depending on how you see it)

About: This is my Sims journal, where I post pic spams, stories and whatever else sims related. My big Sim project right now is a story I've been writing since early last year. After so many years of playing the Sims this is pretty much all I have left to do with the game. I am actually having a lot of fun with it, posing, thinking of plots, etc. It's a personal creative challenge that I'm more than eager to share with the community. I do appreciate all comments, whether it's words of encouragement and even harsh (but not rude!) criticism. It all only helps and inspires me to do my best.

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The F-list: I will only be adding Sims related pages to my friends list here, or regular commenters. I am ridiculously addicted to legacies and sim stories particularly if they have Maxis elements. I love looking at other people's games so if you got one of those friend me or let me know or whatever, I'll come running. :D (If I've added you or commented on your LJ, please don't be obliged to add me or reciprocate a comment on my posts. I would much prefer if you read my story because you genuinely enjoyed it, not because I've been reading yours. ;) )

My personal journal is located at and mirrored at blackdaisies if you prefer to add that.

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