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a street set

LivLukas and a few others over on tumblr introduced me recently to Livestreaming. I have yet to catch a live session, but I'm so fascinated. One of the reasons I love this community is being able to peek into people's games, so I hope people get in on this. :D 

Video ahead... )

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Thanks to the posters of Secrets #18 and #19 this week. :D I really did worry about this chapter, and I had actually gone into it thinking it was going to be one of the more "boring" ones. Everybody's feedback on this meant a lot, you have no idea. :)

I've been in weird moods lately. I don't really talk a lot about the music I listen to while I'm writing/shooting because I believe music is a personal thing and different people interpret things differently and tend to personalize songs to their situations. So in the past, I didn't really like imposing that on people.

But lately I have actually been wondering what "fuels" other sim storytellers, creators and players in general in terms of music. In the interest of sharing here's my playlist on Last.FM (again, I've posted it before on my LJ, I can't remember where though).
Hopefully you guys will share your songs too! I know [ profile] simcerly and [ profile] skellington7d has already. I really do want to be introduced to new stuff, or even find songs in common with everyone else. :D

The youtube behind the cut could actually be considered the "theme" of the last chapter. I've heard this song a while ago actually, never gave it much thought. It was the other day, sitting in a bakery with the boyfrend, having lunch when this song came on, and I sat there and gave it a good listen to. It really grew on me, enough to purchase it on iTunes. Yeah it's pop (Canadian Idol roots and everything!). But whatever.

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I may or may not have a folder full of Sims music on my iPod. >_>

LOL at me, go ahead, like you're not singing along too!!! Oh yeah Youtube this way. )

The Ugly

Mar. 22nd, 2011 01:33 am
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Yes I told you I'd spam tonight. This is it for now though. XD

Clara and Denise posters 

This was supposed to go in Chapter 39. I'm not sure what happened, but after thinking about it, I could leave it out. Even though I spent about an hour making those posters, including posing Denise for it. >.<

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I heard this song by the Goo Goo Dolls on the radio the other day and I thought about this Sims 2 video created by Britannica Dreams Productions. Does anyone remember them at all? I saw their music vids on youtube years ago (before I got involved in the Sims 2 community) and I tried searching for them recently and wasn't able to find them. Their site looks borked and the videos I loved are gone from Youtube (probably has something to do with music copyright infringements). I'm also still looking for their version of Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue's "Where the Wild Roses Grow".

So stubbornly, I scoured google to see if the videos were uploaded anywhere else. I found a few, but in particular I found Scars and Souvenirs. This was one of the first fan made sim machinimas I've ever seen and call me sappy, it still gets to me. So I grabbed it and uploaded it to my server to share here.

I hope the embed works. It's a 19mb video.

19mb windows media behind the cut )
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I’m not normally a fan of Katy Perry, but this is the video that made me want Apartment Life.

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