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I haven't really gone anywhere, really I haven't. I really appreciate that someone might have been concerned, but I had no idea that my pics were gone, and I wish the poster would have PM'ed me instead. There is no big drama here. My site is down... In the mess of the past month, I had let my hosting lapse, and that's all it is. I'm a bit embarassed, but I will take care of it soon and my pics will be back up before long.

I did post in my tumblr that things have settled down a bit. I'm still in transition mode and it will take me a little longer to be able to play with my sims again and come back to the community. I haven't been keeping up with other people's updates, and I'm really sorry about that but I will soon.

I'd like to have fun with my game and the community again. :). I hope that's still ok.

P.S. I really don't keep a personal journal anymore but you can keep up with my personal Twitter if you want to stalk me. ;)

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First of all, before I forget, Simsecret #20  from last week, thank you for the shout out :).  I'm cool that you don't read my story, if you've given it a try and didn't enjoy it for whatever reason.  Like I said in the comments, I don't hold that against anyone. I still like to participate and enjoy people's sim offerings (stories, CC, w/e)  as much as I can. At least we agree that I am indeed awesome! ;)    

Though seriously, if you had read my stuff but didn't like it for whatever reason (too boring? Subject matter not your thing? Me grammers iz awesful? Sims are ugly? Plumbbobs are showing?), I don't mind hearing about it.  And this is a great segue to our next topic.... ;) 

I posted my story up on the [ profile] simstorylibrary for posterity and for review. :D I want this story to be as fun for the readers as it is for me, so please be honest and let me know what's working for you or not. Link right here! There are quite a few stories going up now, so please do get your stories or your favourite stories up there!  (and pimp updates at [ profile] simstorytellers too of course!)

Last thing: Just to let you all know that I am working on Chapter 45, a real, live, freshly caught teaser after the cut!

1 little teaser up ahead... )
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Just hanging out today spending time with the dude and trying my best not to worry too much about work and stuff.

Secrets! Thank you poster of #36 this week. It was very sweet. I'm afraid to tell you it will end, and I am getting close to the end story arc, but as I said in the comments, I hope it will be fun along the way. I will try my best.

And that's why I'm sitting here thinking about how to go about for chapter 45. This is where doing lots of pre-planning for your stories would come in so handy. I'm kind of at a loss of what I should do D:.


my gawd, look at all the teal deers... )

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I got kind of busy this entire weekend. If it wasn't work, it was going back and forth between my bf's, the hospital, my mom's house, etc. etc. It was kind of craziness there and I let online life go for a bit. Monday, I refreshed myself, spent time with the dude, went on a nice bike ride and finished off with True Blood Season 3 marathon (which I was most disappointed with towards the end, to be honest. No spoilers for Season 4 please, though yes I already know what Sookie is *facepalm* AHEM...)

I wanted to give a million thanks to everyone who posted in the last entry and on twitter about my nephews. Thank you, on behalf of me, my nephews and the family. :D

I also wanted to thank whoever posted Secret #5 in the last batch. I'm very honoured you took the time to read and create this secret. It is most appreciated. On that note, thank you to everyone who's added me as a friend recently (and ever!). If you've got a sim related blog, I will add you back, I just need some time to get through everything I missed in LJ land, lol. ;)

Also, shout out to Secret #17 in the week before last's batch of secrets. Whatever it was I liked on Tumblr I'm sure it was awesome! ;)
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First of all, I've been meaning to thank whoever posted this secret last week. I am extremely honoured to be mentioned with [ profile] genlisae and [ profile] skellington7d. Thank you! and thanks to whoever posted #14 this week. I love stories and I like interacting so its always a pleasure to do it... And its really nothing compared to the enjoyment sim stories bring us. :) I appreciate the secret, thank you too! *Bows*

Now teh suck )

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#6 at Simsecrets, I shouldn't have been surprised. I mean, after all I was treading into unknown territory and I guess I might have done a faux pas? Ooops? I should have remembered one of the most revered rules of getting involved in any online community/thing/whatever, and that is: lurk moar!

in which i whine some more... )
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This has been a pretty busy couple of days for me. Though not too busy that I couldn't have my evenings off and work on Chapter 43. It is coming along, I really wanted to have it done by this weekend, but too many things kept happening. I think I have all the screens, I may need to take a few more "filler" shots or something. Next thing to do is to edit the pics and get the chapter written. I got part of that done last night.

simsecret stuff this way! )
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Simsecret #30 and #32, I really enjoyed seeing these today. I already said in the comments pretty much everything I wanted to say. I had a super rough week with the job. A ridiculously rough week. Details don't quite matter, but everything that I worried would go wrong pretty much did and I had to help fix it and that ate up 2 days and its still stressing me out now just thinking about it. Ugh.

Anyway, I hadn't even had time to really catch up with sims stuff since all that, except a casual skimming of the f-list. I hope I can do some of that this weekend. And if not sims stuff, at the least I can relax.

SS #30, I know I do talk about being stressed out about my story etc. but I'm having a lot more fun than worried about it. It's hard for me to explain right now because I just got home from a seeing a crappy band, in a crappy bar, eating crappy nachos that might as well have been cardboard with the worst salsa I've ever had (beer was the best part of the night :p). Um anyway, the point: I love writing and shooting and playing and I do get nervous posting but I think for most creative people that's natural, and as you said even expected. The "stress" I get for the story is an enjoyable one. Hope that makes sense. I really do appreciate everything that you've said, and your concern is so sweet. Thank you seriously.

#32 ... there might be a little something in the next chapter then. :) But I teased that already, no secrets there. :)

and more about secrets this way! )
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Thanks to the posters of Secrets #18 and #19 this week. :D I really did worry about this chapter, and I had actually gone into it thinking it was going to be one of the more "boring" ones. Everybody's feedback on this meant a lot, you have no idea. :)

I've been in weird moods lately. I don't really talk a lot about the music I listen to while I'm writing/shooting because I believe music is a personal thing and different people interpret things differently and tend to personalize songs to their situations. So in the past, I didn't really like imposing that on people.

But lately I have actually been wondering what "fuels" other sim storytellers, creators and players in general in terms of music. In the interest of sharing here's my playlist on Last.FM (again, I've posted it before on my LJ, I can't remember where though).
Hopefully you guys will share your songs too! I know [ profile] simcerly and [ profile] skellington7d has already. I really do want to be introduced to new stuff, or even find songs in common with everyone else. :D

The youtube behind the cut could actually be considered the "theme" of the last chapter. I've heard this song a while ago actually, never gave it much thought. It was the other day, sitting in a bakery with the boyfrend, having lunch when this song came on, and I sat there and gave it a good listen to. It really grew on me, enough to purchase it on iTunes. Yeah it's pop (Canadian Idol roots and everything!). But whatever.

Youtube this way... )


May. 7th, 2011 05:16 pm
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I had a great night last night (beer = fun!), and spent this morning very slightly hungover, though a yummy breakfast at a diner we've never visited before helped take care of that. Afterward, we did a little bit of shopping and driving around. It's a gorgeous day, I need to get my bike all prepped and ready to ride. ;)

I'm still hanging with the dude, but I do have new loot! I just wished I brought my gamer laptop with me so I could install everything. I really hope this doesn't eat up all of my time! :p

Anyway #20 in simsecrets, she is one smart kid! Though technically those aren't her keys ;). I get you though. There's a metaphor in there somewhere, but I'm too dense to come up with one right now.
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Hello simsecret poster of #18. I feel so honoured to be included with this awesome group of people. Thank you very much!!! Have more hugs! :D

I also created a new tumblr for all the pretty (and/or funny) sim things I've been coming across. I'll be adding pics along the way, mostly from my friends list, I hope you won't mind. If anyone would rather not have their pics posted, just let me know and I'll take it down. Anyway, here it is:

(I've just started! I'll be adding more soon.)


Apr. 1st, 2011 11:02 pm
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First of all, thanks everyone who commented in my last post. You guys make me laugh too, seriously. I actually don't think I really surprised anyone, that teaser and introduction wasn't all that subtle. And I suck at humour. So yeah, it was one of those things that was just funnier in my head, so I went with it. ;)

Secondly, Simsecrets! On #5, its neat knowing there are other Cordial Sister fans out there. I do want to tell their story, but I have so many other ideas going on, I should really keep focused on projects I could do. So yes, I do want to, and maybe I'll incorporate it into the current story like a flashback kind of deal. I have so many ideas about Belladonna Cove it would be hard to do it all justice. We do have one thing in common it seems. I really want to see more Cordial Sisters stories out there. Anyone have any reccs?

The good

Mar. 21st, 2011 10:04 pm
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Hope everyone had a good weekend! I know I had a pretty decent one, though it was busy as heck. When I wasn't working, me and the boy were actually out (on both Saturday and Sunday evenings! /scandalous) doing social stuff. And today I was doing more work, running around, and stressing out about it all. I think I'm giving myself tomorrow off. I totally love being self-employed. >.<

I still have a few days worth of friends list stuff to get caught up on, but I've been doing that kind of mindlessly for the past few hours. I really did want to thank whoever posted #37 in last week's secrets. I'm seriously flattered and I'm glad you like it.

now for the whine with the cheese )
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Secret #27 this week, here are the links for the Greek Houses: Urele Oresha Cham House and Tri Var House. Like I said in the secret comments, I apologize if I missed any comments regarding this problem. I seriously do not know what is wrong and I guess I've been too busy to really look at things this past month.

Also, I've said my peace about plagiarism in the comments however I would like to add something: I do feel bad that the journal in question was deleted. It's like the second time something like this has happened to me after I've said something to someone :p (though I don't think it was my comment to her that did it). I do have my opinions about the matter, and I am going to reserve sympathy for this person until I get more information. Right now, it just seems like she deleted after being called out on heavily borrowing from another sim story and that's the only assumption I have.


Feb. 21st, 2011 11:09 pm
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#8 at sim secrets this week... good to see that my advice is heeded (Heeded? hed? grammar fail :p).

Now go forth and download deer. :D Here, I'll help!

(and other animals available at Blacky's Sims Zoo Sims 2 -> New Mesh -> Animals )

Beer night!

Feb. 5th, 2011 12:36 am
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#13, #35, and #45 Guys seriously, thank you! I've said more in the comments, but these made me smile. :D

And #40...I actually don't have anything witty to say to this. Stay cool!


Nov. 20th, 2010 01:51 am
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Whoever posted this in SS today was seriously kick ass and it was just another thing to make my night wonderful. I'm actually not big on birthdays, but me being on this positivity kick lately, I don't care about being all shy and modest about it anymore. I  just got home and I had a great night tonight.

So thank you very much for making feel pretty awesome.<3
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I've been playing way ahead with the Mythos family tonight and I think I got carried away. XD I have no regrets. Well, I was supposed to be up for a breakfast meeting tomorrow morning, but I'm calling in sick. It's 2am now, and there's just no way I'm getting up before 6, get all prettied up, sit through downtown traffic for something that's not a big deal at all. I can make it up another time.

I didn't get much of a Hallowe'en. I was pretty much working all day, and I'm pretty pleased with how that turned out. Though I honestly didn't expect to be working, it's still good for me; not so good for my sim projects which will have to be pushed back again. :( This week I'll probably spend running around getting paper work together, and other stuff that makes my job fun. And tomorrow night is date night with the bf. ;)

Thanks for #7 in this week's secrets. I know I've already mentioned in the comments, but you take a bit of time to put together a graphic, it's worth acknowledging here too. :) (that goes for others too, at least I try). I always, always appreciate these, and secret poster I am glad you're enjoying it. And #26, I just had to smile. I'm sure that was sarcasm, and you know honestly if you want my bad side, you're not going to find it in this blog. This is my leisure, I like to keep it fun. Not sure what else to say. Nyah.

I'm going to go attack-cuddle my sleeping cat and go to bed. Good night all!
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I'll be honest, I was out all day and I just got home and I'm freaking tired. I spent the good part of the night prepping for a meeting, spent like 4 or 5 hours at it this morning then had to wait at a Tim Horton's for about an hour and a half while my bf's flight landed. We then went to the mall, and then drove around for another few hours while we found dinner.

He's now crashed on the couch and some shitty police drama is on T.V.

I just wanted to thank secret poster #16, #17 and #60 for making me smile. No worries "M.T.", Rowan will talk to you soon. And #60, I know you're not really bothered that I'm doing this round, but the remark about Willow made me lol. She can conjure food, she's good. :D

There's more stuff I wanted to say, but I did want to say thanks. I'll say more when my brain is less mushy. :D


Aug. 22nd, 2010 12:29 am
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For whoever left #39 in simsecrets this week, thank you very much. <3 I'm still incredibly flattered by these and I never know what to say, how to react, or how to be. Believe me when I tell you that I do appreciate it. Thank you again. On a related note, I really like that avatar of Jasmine. It's one of my favourites. I should use it more. XD

I'm giving myself some time this weekend to take it a little easy. I still have to do some work but I need to pace myself a bit. I was feeling pretty ill yesterday, and soon after I posted my chapter, I had to do some running around for work. I don't know if it was because of how I was feeling, but I just felt high strung all night. When I came home, I had to seriously calm myself down a bit. All the nice comments in my last post really helped.

I already have ideas on what to do with Chapter 32, so I think that's a good sign for moving forward, right? :)

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