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So far I just kind of want to forget that a lot of 2012 ever happened. So I'm looking forward to the New Year! :D

My sims stuff has clearly taken a back seat lately. Well, it's more like sitting in the trunk, but at least it's still there. I'm still working on Auberon when I have the time, and I'm writing out the next chapter of Simtopi. Still determined to finish it, even if EA isn't supporting the game anymore. Pft, whatever.

I really hope everyone had a great Holiday. I'm sorry that I hadn't been around and haven't been active so much. My life really is kind of nuts and all over the place.

If you want to keep up, I'm still regularly blogging at my personal site, and f-locked at my lj [ profile] blackdaisies. (You should be able to get to my personal twitter and facebook accounts from there too. Feel free to add me. It will be Fun times! :) )
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Outtake from chapter 52

Once again, I'm going to apologize for the lateness of this chapter. I'm trying to work on chapter 53, but right now I am so very tired.  

I have many excuses, but my biggest one is that I'm dating again.  It's actually been pretty fun and I'm kind of excited about it. I have a whole dating diary thing on my personal LJ if you're curious (the dating entries are f-locked, though simmers here are more than welcome, 'cause jeebus knows, advice is good  :D ).

Ahem. Anyway, this week I'd also like to start working on Auberon again. Unfortunately, I cannot find my Late Night disk and I'm too tired to look for it.  But I still want to finish this too! :)

Thank you, everyone for all the comments and notes on the chapter. It still means a lot that you're still reading. *hugs* 

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I haven't really gone anywhere, really I haven't. I really appreciate that someone might have been concerned, but I had no idea that my pics were gone, and I wish the poster would have PM'ed me instead. There is no big drama here. My site is down... In the mess of the past month, I had let my hosting lapse, and that's all it is. I'm a bit embarassed, but I will take care of it soon and my pics will be back up before long.

I did post in my tumblr that things have settled down a bit. I'm still in transition mode and it will take me a little longer to be able to play with my sims again and come back to the community. I haven't been keeping up with other people's updates, and I'm really sorry about that but I will soon.

I'd like to have fun with my game and the community again. :). I hope that's still ok.

P.S. I really don't keep a personal journal anymore but you can keep up with my personal Twitter if you want to stalk me. ;)

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As usual, I've been busy and have been living my online life through mobile devices lately. I haven't really had a lot of time to sit in front of my PC and when I do I have to get business stuff done. I've been still writing notes for the next few chapters and actually seriously thinking of having the next chapter to the end completely written before I start shooting the scenes. I'll see how this works out for me. The obvious disadvantage is that it might take a while to write, but I guess once that's done, the chapters should be updated faster. We'll see, I'm just thinking out loud at this point.

Point form, some good, some bad :p

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Feb. 17th, 2012 03:15 pm
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I have a humungous headache right now, and I'm just not feeling all that well. Combination of a number of factors, number one probably being that time of the month for me. TMI, yes.

Ahem. Anyway, just wanted to apologize for being off the face of the sims community for a while. Tumblr and I have come to an understanding and I'm much more comfortable with it now (especially after deciding to restrict what I'm following to only sims blogs). So I'm there a lot now because it's easier to scroll through. But it still hasn't taken the place of LJ for me. I don't know if anything ever will. <3

With that said, yeah I've been out of it. I've gotten a little busy with work, it's taking up not only time but a lot of mental energy and to be honest I'm really stressed about this. I think everything will be okay, but things always come down the pipe. I just need to learn to relax. I've been catching up with things here and there. I haven't been able to read new stories because of time/energy restraints but I hope I'll be able to catch up on them too when things slow down.

When I'm done with my day, I like to just open the game and play. Lately I've been doing a lot of work on the story. I think I've changed the plot line of chapter 48 a significantly. I thought I knew where it was going, but a plot bunny came a long and shat all over everything. You know how it is. ;)

Life Update

Dec. 3rd, 2011 11:51 am
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First things first. [ profile] allthingsimlish Just go, leave your name, say something nice to everyone, and bask in the warm fuzzies! Go now!

Again, a super busy week. I've been attending conferences for three days in the past week, and dealing with usual business the rest. Unfortunately for my sims, I have a lot to do to prepare myself for next year. But I'm learning to organize my time and hopefully I'll be able to finally get back to Simtopi. I keep saying that, but I'm feeling good about it this time. :D

And that is all. So goooooo [ profile] allthingsimlish [ profile] allthingsimlish [ profile] allthingsimlish [ profile] allthingsimlish [ profile] allthingsimlish [ profile] allthingsimlish

Thank you so much to everyone who's already left a comment for me, and others.
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I've been so busy and swamped with work and other things the past week or so. Good for me, because its good to work, but its also kind of stressful for all the social anxiety issues I've mentioned before. I'm getting way better at dealing with it... But I kind of have to force myself to shut off. If I think about it too much I start going nuts with anxiety. I still can't deal with that phone... :p

So its nice to come home and hang out in GSC, play Sims, work on my stories and try not to think too much about anything else except having fun. I need to do this or the stress will swallow me alive.

I did want to say thank you to whoever posted secret #5 in this week's sim secrets. The House of Fallen Trees is a fun lot to play around with and I love seeing other people's stories and makeovers of that lot. It really is creepy! I really think Maxis deserves more credit for getting things right. Just like Sims, with lots like the HoFT, I do believe the game designers made them as simple as possible to give players a jumping point for their own games. There is no wrong or right way to play a premade lot (or Sims).

I also want to thank everyone for commenting and just generally being cool! And to all storytellers, legacy or challenge writers and pic spam posters for giving me something to look at throughout the day while I'm waiting for stuff to come in. This community, particularly those on my Friends list, means a lot to me.

More rambling this way, which I gush on about things that matter... )

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I ended up being so ridiculously busy these last few days that this interview for [ profile] simstorytellers was a little delayed. I underestimated how long it would take to write, actually. I got it done by staying up late the last two nights. ;)

Spotlight is here

And while you're at it, why not check out the other Spotlights... they really are fun to read, I personally love reading about people's processes.

As for real life even today, I don't get a break. I'm posting this quickly and off to deal with stuff. Unfortunately, this also means that I didn't have a lot of time to join in the Sims friends list fun times. If anyone is waiting for anything from me, I am so sorry and I hope to rejoin the Sims world hopefully next week. Everything has just been so crazy, I'm hoping I can organize enough time to settle down.

(Interesting fun fact about the new LJ editor: rich text cuts off long posts at a certain point. Say goodbye to editing story updates in LJ unless they fix it soon. :p)
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I did a photo shoot with Jasmine last night however. I posted this to Tumblr/twitter so some of you've already seen it. 


1 pic, a little bloody, but it's got Jasmine in it. And some more ramble about real life that I know you totally want to read! )
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I got kind of busy this entire weekend. If it wasn't work, it was going back and forth between my bf's, the hospital, my mom's house, etc. etc. It was kind of craziness there and I let online life go for a bit. Monday, I refreshed myself, spent time with the dude, went on a nice bike ride and finished off with True Blood Season 3 marathon (which I was most disappointed with towards the end, to be honest. No spoilers for Season 4 please, though yes I already know what Sookie is *facepalm* AHEM...)

I wanted to give a million thanks to everyone who posted in the last entry and on twitter about my nephews. Thank you, on behalf of me, my nephews and the family. :D

I also wanted to thank whoever posted Secret #5 in the last batch. I'm very honoured you took the time to read and create this secret. It is most appreciated. On that note, thank you to everyone who's added me as a friend recently (and ever!). If you've got a sim related blog, I will add you back, I just need some time to get through everything I missed in LJ land, lol. ;)

Also, shout out to Secret #17 in the week before last's batch of secrets. Whatever it was I liked on Tumblr I'm sure it was awesome! ;)
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It's not that I'm missing posting to my LJ... I guess it's probably a good thing for my personal sanity that I didn't have anything important to post about. Though I did want to rant about my malfunctioning game earlier on in the week. Honestly, what it is is that I miss reading my friends list. I know I'm hardly the world's biggest commenter, but I do read people's posts and look at pictures; it's great procrastination when I should be working. I hardly ever go to facebook, I don't read my RSS reader as much as I should. LJ is my procrastination tool of choice, lol. Yes, I understand that's kind of sad. So all this week, while LJ had it's ups and downs, I've been missing my friends list most of all.

I get that it's not really LJ's fault... DDoS attacks are awful. I just wish it wasn't something we have to worry about.

I can blog elsewhere. I have my own domain, I can also use my Dreamwidth or even Wordpress or Blogspot. But I'd probably miss the communities. Right now, I can *barely* get into [ profile] simstorytellers, and I think I managed to make a mod comment there (fyi commentary legacies ≠ story legacy :p). I actually haven't been able to comment in most entries, so lately I've given up trying. I'd write the comment and the page would time out. Let's see how this post ends up.

Brief reinstall drama, not important... )

Tomorrow, my little sister is having her twins. I'll probably be busy with that for a while. ;) Between that, being busy at work, my reinstall headache, various other stuff going on, I haven't had time to think about chapter 45, so it may not be out anytime soon.

Get better, LJ!
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First of all, I've been meaning to thank whoever posted this secret last week. I am extremely honoured to be mentioned with [ profile] genlisae and [ profile] skellington7d. Thank you! and thanks to whoever posted #14 this week. I love stories and I like interacting so its always a pleasure to do it... And its really nothing compared to the enjoyment sim stories bring us. :) I appreciate the secret, thank you too! *Bows*

Now teh suck )

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This has been a pretty busy couple of days for me. Though not too busy that I couldn't have my evenings off and work on Chapter 43. It is coming along, I really wanted to have it done by this weekend, but too many things kept happening. I think I have all the screens, I may need to take a few more "filler" shots or something. Next thing to do is to edit the pics and get the chapter written. I got part of that done last night.

simsecret stuff this way! )
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Are there any photography experts/enthusiasts/hobbyists/someone-who-knows-what-the-f-they're-talking about on my friends list? :D

I'm not really sure where to start other than a trip to my local Henry's (Photography store). I'm looking for a wide-angle lens for my Canon Digital EOS Rebel XSI, something to take indoor photography (think home deco) as well as nifty landscape/cityscape shots. Anyone have any experience with a decent lens that can do both well? And I'm on a budget, cheap is good! I'm no pro!

If no one has any idea what I'm talking about, it's all good. I just thought I'd try here first because I don't have a lot of time to scour the net to find a good hobby photography forum where I can jump in and ask a bunch of stupid nub questions.

TY in advance!
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Simsecret #30 and #32, I really enjoyed seeing these today. I already said in the comments pretty much everything I wanted to say. I had a super rough week with the job. A ridiculously rough week. Details don't quite matter, but everything that I worried would go wrong pretty much did and I had to help fix it and that ate up 2 days and its still stressing me out now just thinking about it. Ugh.

Anyway, I hadn't even had time to really catch up with sims stuff since all that, except a casual skimming of the f-list. I hope I can do some of that this weekend. And if not sims stuff, at the least I can relax.

SS #30, I know I do talk about being stressed out about my story etc. but I'm having a lot more fun than worried about it. It's hard for me to explain right now because I just got home from a seeing a crappy band, in a crappy bar, eating crappy nachos that might as well have been cardboard with the worst salsa I've ever had (beer was the best part of the night :p). Um anyway, the point: I love writing and shooting and playing and I do get nervous posting but I think for most creative people that's natural, and as you said even expected. The "stress" I get for the story is an enjoyable one. Hope that makes sense. I really do appreciate everything that you've said, and your concern is so sweet. Thank you seriously.

#32 ... there might be a little something in the next chapter then. :) But I teased that already, no secrets there. :)

and more about secrets this way! )


May. 7th, 2011 05:16 pm
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I had a great night last night (beer = fun!), and spent this morning very slightly hungover, though a yummy breakfast at a diner we've never visited before helped take care of that. Afterward, we did a little bit of shopping and driving around. It's a gorgeous day, I need to get my bike all prepped and ready to ride. ;)

I'm still hanging with the dude, but I do have new loot! I just wished I brought my gamer laptop with me so I could install everything. I really hope this doesn't eat up all of my time! :p

Anyway #20 in simsecrets, she is one smart kid! Though technically those aren't her keys ;). I get you though. There's a metaphor in there somewhere, but I'm too dense to come up with one right now.

The good

Mar. 21st, 2011 10:04 pm
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Hope everyone had a good weekend! I know I had a pretty decent one, though it was busy as heck. When I wasn't working, me and the boy were actually out (on both Saturday and Sunday evenings! /scandalous) doing social stuff. And today I was doing more work, running around, and stressing out about it all. I think I'm giving myself tomorrow off. I totally love being self-employed. >.<

I still have a few days worth of friends list stuff to get caught up on, but I've been doing that kind of mindlessly for the past few hours. I really did want to thank whoever posted #37 in last week's secrets. I'm seriously flattered and I'm glad you like it.

now for the whine with the cheese )
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Wesley and Willow
Wesley and Willow from this photoshoot. I didn't like this shot then, but looking it again I don't mind it. :)

I also have a teaser for Chapter 39. This scene was meant to go into 38, but after working that chapter out, I decided it didn't really belong there.

One teaser coming right up! )
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It's crazy how half my friends list seems to be complaining about how freaking crazy hot it is outside (shout out to the Down Under) and the other half is going nuts about the Snowmeggadon that's coming down in parts of the U.S. and Canada.

The storm is supposed to hit tonight. I'm glad it wasn't this afternoon because I have client meetings later and I'd have had to cancel them if the weather got stupid. This way, I could get it done with, and ideally spend all night finishing up Chapter 38.

I'm not really worried about any power disruptions or anything like that. Just no one really wants to be outdoors.

I went out to get gas and office supplies a little bit ago. I wore my fingerless gloves (which I always do because I'm addicted to my Blackberry). If I had stayed outside any longer, I'd have gotten frostbite. D:

Stay warm everyone. Or cool. Whatever works. :D
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Pretty late, but I'm still on a sugar high and can't sleep. My head is full of thoughts and some of those are Sims stuff so why not write about it now. :)

I listed my 2010 Resolutions for last year and figured it would be sort of fun to see what I had accomplished. I'm referring back to my 2010 resolution list. This is in no particular order.

did I do what I wanted to do in the Sims games this year? )

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