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And to #9 of this week's secrets, like I said in the comments, I have been working on chapter 52. Things have been kind of crazy for me the past little while, and I still have major issues, but I'd like to get back to my story and finish it at least for myself. I hope I'll still have an audience. >_>

But enough about me. I'm going through my f-list hoping to catch up and I have read a few updates that I should have read the day they came out, LOL. But like I said, I'm catching up. I know there's a few of you who've recently friended me. So here's the thing: tell me about you! What's up in your parts of the world? How do you like your sims? What are you doing with them? Do you have a challenge or a story on the go? Who'll win in a celebrity kung fu death match - Don Lothario or PT Smith?

If you're new around these parts, please do introduce yourself. If you've been around, tell me what you're up to!
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As usual, I've been busy and have been living my online life through mobile devices lately. I haven't really had a lot of time to sit in front of my PC and when I do I have to get business stuff done. I've been still writing notes for the next few chapters and actually seriously thinking of having the next chapter to the end completely written before I start shooting the scenes. I'll see how this works out for me. The obvious disadvantage is that it might take a while to write, but I guess once that's done, the chapters should be updated faster. We'll see, I'm just thinking out loud at this point.

Point form, some good, some bad :p

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Well, that last week, especially the last few days, I really did try. And I might have made a lot more progress if a few nights hadn't been shot down because of work, social or babysitting obligations. And in all honesty, I hadn't found that "zone" like I had with chapter 49 and most other chapters. I think it's the Universe's way of telling me that the chapter needed more time.  :p

My goal was 2 chapters finished and published and to write out the summaries of chapter 22-38.

I accomplished getting chapter 49 published. Small yay! ;)

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Feb. 17th, 2012 03:15 pm
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I have a humungous headache right now, and I'm just not feeling all that well. Combination of a number of factors, number one probably being that time of the month for me. TMI, yes.

Ahem. Anyway, just wanted to apologize for being off the face of the sims community for a while. Tumblr and I have come to an understanding and I'm much more comfortable with it now (especially after deciding to restrict what I'm following to only sims blogs). So I'm there a lot now because it's easier to scroll through. But it still hasn't taken the place of LJ for me. I don't know if anything ever will. <3

With that said, yeah I've been out of it. I've gotten a little busy with work, it's taking up not only time but a lot of mental energy and to be honest I'm really stressed about this. I think everything will be okay, but things always come down the pipe. I just need to learn to relax. I've been catching up with things here and there. I haven't been able to read new stories because of time/energy restraints but I hope I'll be able to catch up on them too when things slow down.

When I'm done with my day, I like to just open the game and play. Lately I've been doing a lot of work on the story. I think I've changed the plot line of chapter 48 a significantly. I thought I knew where it was going, but a plot bunny came a long and shat all over everything. You know how it is. ;)
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Pay content blather ahead. I guess I'm throwing my 0.02 simoleons into the fray while I'm sitting here in wait mode for an appointment I may or may not have to go through. This was very much inspired by the popular discussion of the weekend. :) 

I've said before, and publically that I don't really care or mind if people want to try and charge for their Sims pay content. However, the other side of this is that those that do really can't say poop if me, the downloader, decides to somehow to circumvent this and download the content without paying, i.e. from the Booty. If you're using EA's Sims game to create content (and all Sims content creators do), content belongs to EA, you can't legally claim any money for this.

pay content, your rights, EA's rights etc etc )
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I've been so busy and swamped with work and other things the past week or so. Good for me, because its good to work, but its also kind of stressful for all the social anxiety issues I've mentioned before. I'm getting way better at dealing with it... But I kind of have to force myself to shut off. If I think about it too much I start going nuts with anxiety. I still can't deal with that phone... :p

So its nice to come home and hang out in GSC, play Sims, work on my stories and try not to think too much about anything else except having fun. I need to do this or the stress will swallow me alive.

I did want to say thank you to whoever posted secret #5 in this week's sim secrets. The House of Fallen Trees is a fun lot to play around with and I love seeing other people's stories and makeovers of that lot. It really is creepy! I really think Maxis deserves more credit for getting things right. Just like Sims, with lots like the HoFT, I do believe the game designers made them as simple as possible to give players a jumping point for their own games. There is no wrong or right way to play a premade lot (or Sims).

I also want to thank everyone for commenting and just generally being cool! And to all storytellers, legacy or challenge writers and pic spam posters for giving me something to look at throughout the day while I'm waiting for stuff to come in. This community, particularly those on my Friends list, means a lot to me.

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Just hanging out today spending time with the dude and trying my best not to worry too much about work and stuff.

Secrets! Thank you poster of #36 this week. It was very sweet. I'm afraid to tell you it will end, and I am getting close to the end story arc, but as I said in the comments, I hope it will be fun along the way. I will try my best.

And that's why I'm sitting here thinking about how to go about for chapter 45. This is where doing lots of pre-planning for your stories would come in so handy. I'm kind of at a loss of what I should do D:.


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It's not that I'm missing posting to my LJ... I guess it's probably a good thing for my personal sanity that I didn't have anything important to post about. Though I did want to rant about my malfunctioning game earlier on in the week. Honestly, what it is is that I miss reading my friends list. I know I'm hardly the world's biggest commenter, but I do read people's posts and look at pictures; it's great procrastination when I should be working. I hardly ever go to facebook, I don't read my RSS reader as much as I should. LJ is my procrastination tool of choice, lol. Yes, I understand that's kind of sad. So all this week, while LJ had it's ups and downs, I've been missing my friends list most of all.

I get that it's not really LJ's fault... DDoS attacks are awful. I just wish it wasn't something we have to worry about.

I can blog elsewhere. I have my own domain, I can also use my Dreamwidth or even Wordpress or Blogspot. But I'd probably miss the communities. Right now, I can *barely* get into [ profile] simstorytellers, and I think I managed to make a mod comment there (fyi commentary legacies ≠ story legacy :p). I actually haven't been able to comment in most entries, so lately I've given up trying. I'd write the comment and the page would time out. Let's see how this post ends up.

Brief reinstall drama, not important... )

Tomorrow, my little sister is having her twins. I'll probably be busy with that for a while. ;) Between that, being busy at work, my reinstall headache, various other stuff going on, I haven't had time to think about chapter 45, so it may not be out anytime soon.

Get better, LJ!
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#6 at Simsecrets, I shouldn't have been surprised. I mean, after all I was treading into unknown territory and I guess I might have done a faux pas? Ooops? I should have remembered one of the most revered rules of getting involved in any online community/thing/whatever, and that is: lurk moar!

in which i whine some more... )


Jun. 5th, 2011 01:13 am
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Hrmmm. How do I go from being busy as all heck, to being bored out of my mind on a Saturday night? :p

I'm just hanging with the dude while he plays Red Dead. I'm going through various Sim updates, which eventually got me to TVTropes. I love reading it, and having no idea what it really entails, I figure it would be easy enough to set up a page. Well, wikis are confusing, and I gave up after a series of attempting to edit. And of course, I can't even give my own story a decent blurb. LOL.

So right now it's all sloppy, I have no idea what I'm doing, I haven't even added any tropes yet, and going through them all is actually kind of intimidating. O_o. I'll worry about that later on. It does seem like fun, I guess it's just late and I'm sleepy now.

Once I figure this out, it might be neat to add more pages. How much time will I have to waste though, hehe!

I mentioned on twitter as well as soon as I get back to my gaming machine, I want to start my TS3 neighbourhood and/or Chapter 43. :D I think I may have a bit more time next week for fun stuff. Yay for me!

edit: My god, there does not appear to be a page for "legacy challenge" or "sim stories". This needs to be corrected.

edit again: Crikes, there's so many. >_< Here's the page if anyone else wants to help with this!
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Hello to everyone who was left behind with me (which I see was just about everybody). :D I'm just hanging out with the dude this weekend. We took our bikes out for the first time this year and did our usual circuit. Today, my legs are pretty sore, and the dude is sunburnt, lol. But it was worth it, I think. :D

Point form!

- I'll be working on Chapter 42 this week. I'd like to have an update out soon, hopefully no later than next weekend. Some fun stuff has been ready to go down for ages now. ^_^

- I want to build a TS3 custom neighbourhood, starting from the ground up. I think building all the lots will take up the most time, but it will be fun. I'll work on this casually though, but it's something I definitely want to do. I also plan on sharing this if I can. :D

- There's a new [ profile] sim_icon community out. I really have no clue if anyone out there would even want Simtopi icons for themselves (not fishing for anything, I just don't know who would want someone else's characters for their own icons if that makes sense... though I guess I do use some premades...). But I'm going to make a bunch anyway. If anyone has any specific requests, not just from my story, I'll see if I can do it. I actually like making icons. It's fun! :D

- speaking of communities [ profile] simmply_anna has revived The Sims Writers Guild (Thank you, Anna!)! It's still a little slow right now, but if you like sim stories (legacies and other challenges too!), sharing your process, tips and tricks, all are welcome.
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Disorganized and random Sims thoughts before I head off on adventures for the day.

The teal deers! They're free!!! )
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I have several screenshots. I have a decent idea of what scenes I need. And now I'm sitting here wondering what to do with all the pictures. I feel like I'm playing a game with my own story and the story is beating me.

It probably is an organization problem, but I think a big thing for me to is that a lot of the chapters coming up, including the next one, will have some kind of conclusion or resolution. Like I've said before, I need to be careful how to balance all of it. I'm kind of bummed out that this next chapter is not working for me yet, but I don't know how to get around that. I'm not enthusiastic about it. Maybe I need to throw in some kind of random zombie invasion or something. I don't know, lol. All I guess I could do is complain about it a little bit and hope my readers forgive me. >_<

So have an apology outtake instead. :)
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The bad

Mar. 21st, 2011 11:36 pm
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Now this isn't really "bad", just don't really know how to see it at this point. Last thing I want is wank-ness to be honest, but that's okay. If that happens (which I really don't see), I can just walk away.

so about this forum... )


Aug. 22nd, 2010 12:29 am
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For whoever left #39 in simsecrets this week, thank you very much. <3 I'm still incredibly flattered by these and I never know what to say, how to react, or how to be. Believe me when I tell you that I do appreciate it. Thank you again. On a related note, I really like that avatar of Jasmine. It's one of my favourites. I should use it more. XD

I'm giving myself some time this weekend to take it a little easy. I still have to do some work but I need to pace myself a bit. I was feeling pretty ill yesterday, and soon after I posted my chapter, I had to do some running around for work. I don't know if it was because of how I was feeling, but I just felt high strung all night. When I came home, I had to seriously calm myself down a bit. All the nice comments in my last post really helped.

I already have ideas on what to do with Chapter 32, so I think that's a good sign for moving forward, right? :)


Aug. 14th, 2010 01:53 am
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Mr Humble vs Gabriel
Why is Mr. Humble worried about Gabriel? Oh the drama! Oh the suspense! 

Welp. This has been a really busy week for me. And two days out of it my internet at home has been really spotty which sucked because I do a lot of my work from home. So I haven't been able to escape to the sims universe very often. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

But the few times I have been able to think about simming, I actually did get a few scenes shot out. And you know, I've said this before in one of my many story rambles, but it's so true... playing the game really, really helps when it comes to writer's block. However, I still have to actually put the scenes together now. I just wanted to write to let everyone know that it is coming along, but there were a lot of things against this chapter this week. I have a feeling once I get past this, the updates will be easier. It's.. it's just one of those chapters. Ugh.

As for what's going on with Mr. Humble up there... well I'll leave it to your imagination. Feel free to caption and/or speculate. :D
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Ben Greenley

Just a screen shot of this guy. I was experimenting with something, and I meant for it to be quick before I went to bed. As always got distracted, and this time with one Sim in particular. For some reason I wanted to give him a bit of a makeover. It still fits his character.

(Possibly spoilerish for those not caught up to chapter 24)

1 more pic and some ramble about the not-so-mystery Simtopi resident )
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#4 and #5, I just wanted to repeat what I said in the simsecrets comments and thank you so much for posting these. It really made night! #27, thank you for including me with these wonderful writers! :D

I am really glad that Wesley has fans. I have my own personal thoughts about him but I'll keep that contained until later. ;)

I also wanted to get all mushy for a second and post how much I do appreciate the readers that I have. You guys have been wonderful and very kind and I always love getting feedback from you. I especially want to thank all the other sim writers out there for writing, being inspiring in general *as well* as being supportive of eachother's works (and I'm not just talking about mine!). This is seriously one of the best communities I've had the pleasure of being involved in and I'm grateful and honoured that I can contribute something some of you enjoy. :D

Yes, I'm sappy tonight. But that's me. I guess the least I could do now is try to get Chapter 31 in good time. :)
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I know I said I'd have an update this week. But with the long weekend, and real life things going on, I'm afraid I'm going to slip again. I know my deadlines are my own and everyone has been awesome, and patient with me, but to me, it still sucks to not have a chapter ready. Truth of the matter, I haven't even started it except for a few snippets of dialogue that I may not even keep.

Blah blah keep reading... ;)  )
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I still can't thank those who have contributed to the Simtopi casting call enough. I think our zombies and their victims deserve a round of applause.

Just so you know I still do plan on using at least one sim from everyone who's contributed. I'm thinking I need all sorts of different extras, not just witches and undead (though I think the big batch of them will be witches). There may not be any in the next update but they'll most likely show up in the next few chapters.

Posted so no one thinks I've forgotten about their sims. :)

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