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Mythos Round Robin Gen 2

This is part of the Mythical Creatures Round Robin Legacy!

Gen 1 by [ profile] tinykat . Gen 2 version 1 was by [ profile] needlecream . Latest Round-up is here!

Previously [ 2.1 ] [ 2.2 ][ 2.3 ] [ 2.4 ]

Happy Saturday night everyone! Welcome to the latest and final installment of the Mythos legacy, Generation 2! Our last challenge was the "internet scam" challenge which the Mythos family rocked with hardly a problem. It was a Christmas miracle! >_>  

Let's see where the sprogs of Kelpie ([ profile] tinykat ) and Jeremiah ([ profile] rhiannon_alexis ) get to in this magical, adventure filled  episode. Romance, weddings, teenagers, lack of parents, sibling violence ahead! :D 

(Also Heir Poll link at the end!)

Read the last installment of the Gen 2 round ahead... )
Featuring sims by [ profile] brilliantcat  , [ profile] elecy  , [ profile] javabean_dreams ,[ profile] boolpropbea , [ profile] simpurity , [ profile] madame_ugly  , [ profile] simgaroop and [ profile] tinykat 

Spouse by [ profile] rhiannon_alexis 
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Good evening folks!  Settle down and enjoy the latest episode of the Mythos family, Generation 2! Today we bring you our very special Holiday Edition! :D

I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and more Excrutiating Holiday Hits this way... )

With special guest [ profile] pixel_trade  Sims by [ profile] bondchick_nett , [ profile] boolpropbea , [ profile] brilliantcat , [ profile] goldencell , [ profile] javabean_dreams , and [ profile] tinykat .

Spouse by [ profile] rhiannon_alexis !
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Mythos Round Robin Gen 2 Part 3
The Mythos Round Robin / Gen 2 Part 3

This is part of the Mythical Creatures Round Robin Legacy!

Gen 1 by [ profile] tinykat. Gen 2 version 1 was by [ profile] needlecream. Latest Round-up is here!

Previously [ 2.1 ] [ 2.2 ]

Warnings for crude humour, sexual situations and generally awful commentary. )

Today's guest appearances are Sims by [ profile] javabean_dreams , [ profile] tinykat , and[ profile] madame_ugly . Spouse by [ profile] rhiannon_alexis
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Mythos Gen 2 part 2

Welcome back to the Mythos Round Robin Legacy Generation 2 part 2.

Previous updates: Gen 2.1

This is a [ profile] pixel_trade  "Mythical Creatures Round Robin" legacy (latest roundup here).
Gen 1 by [ profile] tinykat . Gen 2 version 1 was by [ profile] needlecream .

Wow, this challenge sucked. Keep reading. )

With sims by[ profile] tinykat  and [ profile] rhiannon_alexis .
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The Mythos RR Legacy Gen 2 - Part 1

The Mythos RR legacy: Generation 2.1

About 160 pics. I know that's probably way too many pics but I got carried away with the cuteness. A lot of it is just pic spamming though. >.<

Warnings: Coarse language. Really stupid humour.

It's all topsy turvy over here. Keep reading! )

With sim appearances by [ profile] charterzard , [ profile] fivesims , [ profile] madame_ugly , [ profile] naughtydolphin , [ profile] rhiannon_alexis , [ profile] rome_raven81 , [ profile] simpurity , [ profile] tinykat , [ profile] upendoaushi  and a Pixel_Trade BAN lot by [ profile] juri_anne .


Jul. 28th, 2010 10:51 pm
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PT aliens

After gawd knows how long, my aliens are finally fixed! They now can have regular alien default eyes just like real sim aliens thanks to the magic of reinstalling. >.<  

I was actually sort of afraid to try out my aliens after I got my game back, but last night I went ahead and played with them in my testing neighbourhood. And I got a few interesting sims out of it too. ;)  Wheeee!

Aliens! Lots of aliens! =D )


Jun. 19th, 2010 11:25 pm
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Pluto McGann
Another "Person Below Me...".  from [ profile] pixel_trade .  Had to do just one more of these. :D 

[ profile] kathsy wrote: "The person below me will make a chubby sim with a round face, wide eyes, white-blonde hair, elf ears and a small mouth."
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Could not resist the pull of The Person Below Me challenge on [ profile] pixel_trade !

the person below me...

[ profile] legacyfreak said: "The person below me will make an alien sim with a masculine jaw, sweet eyes, an abnormal hair color, and glasses."
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Currently smushing together my [ profile] pixel_trade neighbourhood, most originally named "Pixel TradePost". I'm the most creative person EVER. :p  This is just Bluewater Village and a bunch of lots from my lot bin. Most are mine, some are other's.  It's kind of haphazard but I did give them a marina! :D

more random stuff.... )
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First things first: [ profile] orange_alex posted these nifty new Maxis blend skins, which I promptly started playing with. I can't find them on her journal anymore however they are available at GoS »right here«. The results were these two cuties which I sent over to [ profile] pixel_trade for their January founder collection.

Mars Landers
Mars Landers

Clancy Dell
Clancy Dell

Pics and their download links

(sorry, their custom skintones and other content aren't available on these downloads. If you want the skins, visit the GoS link above)

Also I have a shiny new Dreamwidth account. I'm actually not sure what I'm going to do with it, other than park my handle. I'd post story updates on it but I don't think anyone on dreamwidth (who isn't on LJ) follows my story, so it wouldn't really matter (and if you do, let me know!) In any case, here it is:

continue reading for more rambling about the soundtrack )
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I made two sims for this [ profile] pixel_trade challenge. There are so many awesome sims that came out of this too. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with all the ones I've downloaded so far.

I don't normally make sims but this challenge just seemed too fun to pass up. Anyway, here are both my contributions.

Jasper Endymion
Jasper Endymion
Mina Molina
Mina Molina
Click their pics to see more screens and information @ [ profile] pixel_trade. Both are available for download at my site.

And some babble about SimTopi )
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The Asylum
Zone: Residential
Lot Size: 1×5 (custom lot size, see post)
Price: §89 095 (furnished), §43 579 (unfurnished)
Custom content: none


Another Lot built for Pixel Trade’s “Build A Neighbourhood“. This one is for the Rowhouse mini-challenge, which was really neat to do. Even better when you start placing all the rowhouses together.

+20 screenshots of the Asylum )

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The Plaza
Zone: Community
Lot Size: 5×4
Price: n/a
Custom content: none


A community lot for [ profile] pixel_trade's Build A Neighbourhood challenge. Looks thrilling doesn’t it. :p

Click here to for the basic tour and to download

Here for the uber-tour with Pixel_trade's October founders... )

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