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Outtake from chapter 52

Once again, I'm going to apologize for the lateness of this chapter. I'm trying to work on chapter 53, but right now I am so very tired.  

I have many excuses, but my biggest one is that I'm dating again.  It's actually been pretty fun and I'm kind of excited about it. I have a whole dating diary thing on my personal LJ if you're curious (the dating entries are f-locked, though simmers here are more than welcome, 'cause jeebus knows, advice is good  :D ).

Ahem. Anyway, this week I'd also like to start working on Auberon again. Unfortunately, I cannot find my Late Night disk and I'm too tired to look for it.  But I still want to finish this too! :)

Thank you, everyone for all the comments and notes on the chapter. It still means a lot that you're still reading. *hugs* 

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What does the cow want?
What does the cow want?

Nowadays for me, it's all about getting the shot. But there's always stuff going on in the background. Most of these were from Chapter 42

More behind the scenes pics. I kind of giggled. )
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Soooo it's about time for another outtake dump. 

the cake is a lie
Every so often while shooting Chapter 38, that cowplant, or Philly as I like to call it in my game >_>, got a little too showy.

(There are some spoilers here for up to chapter 39. Not like that's stopped anyone. ;) )

+21 pictures and other nonsense... )

This is the first (and last time) using Semagic. It messed up my formatting. I really hate it. *quietly sulks back to notepad*

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I have several screenshots. I have a decent idea of what scenes I need. And now I'm sitting here wondering what to do with all the pictures. I feel like I'm playing a game with my own story and the story is beating me.

It probably is an organization problem, but I think a big thing for me to is that a lot of the chapters coming up, including the next one, will have some kind of conclusion or resolution. Like I've said before, I need to be careful how to balance all of it. I'm kind of bummed out that this next chapter is not working for me yet, but I don't know how to get around that. I'm not enthusiastic about it. Maybe I need to throw in some kind of random zombie invasion or something. I don't know, lol. All I guess I could do is complain about it a little bit and hope my readers forgive me. >_<

So have an apology outtake instead. :)
make that 2 pictures this way... )


May. 17th, 2010 07:58 pm
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A bunch of unorganized outtakes from the last few chapters. :)

Rowan's bathroom. Linden (who doesn't live here) is brushing his teeth. I have no idea where he got the toothbrush from. I don't think he and Rowan are *that* close. Ew. >.<

+16 more pics this way )
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I really need to take more pics of the stupid things my sims do when I'm playing them. :D

Let's start with Sibyll (chapter 19). This was just a pic that didn't make it in. I liked it, that's all.

+9 more stupid outtakes )
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In order to get some of the interactions between Jasmine and the zombie (named Edison Zombie) in Chapter 13, I had to use allmenus and make them hate eachother. Well, with me forgetting to turn Free Will off during shooting, things got kind of ridiculous.

Jasmine Vs. Zombie

Really silly outtakes past this point... )
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I think I borked my game tonight. D=

I was playing with Rowan and Meadow and fooled around with a boolprop cheat when that shit started happening. Not cool. :( A quick search suggested it might be too complicated to fix (ar*&*#$#@aiojklzj#$$!!!!1111!?). I saved the broken game somewhere else (in case it could be fixed) and just copied in a previous backup. It's about three weeks old, so the only thing I'm losing is any memory of the hospital drama as well as clothing/makeup changes. Very annoying. :(

I also lost the SWG self-sims. D=

Self-sims you say? )

(P.S. I've had relatives over all week and when they haven't been here, I've been all over the place. >.< No story update this week, but hopefully I'll have something ready next week.)
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Well I'm back home and I just started on my next chapter, so hopefully I'll have it up by this weekend. I mentioned in my last story post how this cat isn't really a part of the story, just background really. But everytime I placed him somewhere, he just did all these awesome animations. So here's an outtake collection of that damn cat. Mostly because it amuses me :D.

That Cat

Moar kitty pics!!! )

BTW, my MTS yearbook page is up. :D
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I guess to "celebrate" 10 chapters in, I'm making my first outtakes post for this story. Mildly spoiler-ish, and probably lame so I'll put them below the cut. :D

omg outtakes! Read more... )

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