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Previously recorded yesterday, me in Create A World, building on a yet unnamed town. I paint rocks, plant shrubberies, fun exciting stuff. I even got a drabble out of it! :D

I was working on this hood a while ago, CAW started getting all crashy, lost the world, didn't go back to it, etcetera, etc. I got the bug to start building this hood again. :D

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Watch live streaming video from simtopi at

Previously recorded today!
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Watch live streaming video from simtopi at

This is the livestream of my Sim Staging process I recorded from today. I recreated a little bit of Chapter 29.

I love doing these but I tend to get very nervous and there were things I've actually forgotten to talk about (like using the Schizophrenia box with Skell's simPE posebox adjustment tutorial to turn heads while doing a game animation siiiiigh). But I figure maybe it was too ambitious to go into everything and I'll probably do a more detailed  live posing workshop thing later on where everyone can throw in ideas. 

Sorry if this seemed like a boring mess. Chat as usual was fun, but I missed a lot of it. Sorry about that. I wish there was a way to save livestream chats. 

Thank you to everyone who came out!

Anyway, as promised, here are the links I discussed in the vid, after the cut. 

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Tomorrow night (edit: Tuesday, June 12) at about 6pm EDT (10pm GMT) I’ll be livestreaming my process for setting up a story scene for Sims 2. I’ll be going over set staging, posing, lighting and picture composition (sort of an addendum to this tutorial). Maybe someone might pick up a tip or two and hopefully I’ll learn something new from the viewers too!

Please let me know in advance if there’s anything you’d like me to cover, as I need a to do a little bit of prep work and my game can load slow. XD

Hope to see you then!

RSVP here:

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A Tour of Simtopi through Livestream. Previously recorded from this evening. :)

Watch live streaming video from simtopi at
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For anyone who isn't on tumblr who might be interested, I plan on doing a Livestream on Tuesday night (about 8 or 9EST and this is depending on whether I have to work in the evening or not). I'll have a proper mic so I won't sound like I'm talking out of my armpit O_o), I'll have tunes and I'll have my game which I'll just be showing off a bit (probably just my neighbourhood and places in relation to my story)

I'll make further announcements on my Tumblr or Twitter.

Check out my Channel for past recorded videos: simtopi livestream

And do bookmark,follow, add to your RSS feed or whatever this tumblr if you're interested in seeing other livesimmers

P.S. If anyone has any suggestions for me I'm very open to them. ^_^

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