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Yehasuri Mythos!!! Yaaaay!!! :D

[ profile] mikelisryker  will be taking on Gen 3 of the Mythos Legacy. Make sure you're watching [ profile] pixel_trade  if you want to keep up with updates on the Mythos' and the Magicakes!  I very much enjoyed doing this round. Thank you guys for reading! :D 

Clicky to see the Poll results and for the downloads and stats!
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Mythos Round Robin Gen 2

This is part of the Mythical Creatures Round Robin Legacy!

Gen 1 by [ profile] tinykat . Gen 2 version 1 was by [ profile] needlecream . Latest Round-up is here!

Previously [ 2.1 ] [ 2.2 ][ 2.3 ] [ 2.4 ]

Happy Saturday night everyone! Welcome to the latest and final installment of the Mythos legacy, Generation 2! Our last challenge was the "internet scam" challenge which the Mythos family rocked with hardly a problem. It was a Christmas miracle! >_>  

Let's see where the sprogs of Kelpie ([ profile] tinykat ) and Jeremiah ([ profile] rhiannon_alexis ) get to in this magical, adventure filled  episode. Romance, weddings, teenagers, lack of parents, sibling violence ahead! :D 

(Also Heir Poll link at the end!)

Read the last installment of the Gen 2 round ahead... )
Featuring sims by [ profile] brilliantcat  , [ profile] elecy  , [ profile] javabean_dreams ,[ profile] boolpropbea , [ profile] simpurity , [ profile] madame_ugly  , [ profile] simgaroop and [ profile] tinykat 

Spouse by [ profile] rhiannon_alexis 
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Good evening folks!  Settle down and enjoy the latest episode of the Mythos family, Generation 2! Today we bring you our very special Holiday Edition! :D

I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and more Excrutiating Holiday Hits this way... )

With special guest [ profile] pixel_trade  Sims by [ profile] bondchick_nett , [ profile] boolpropbea , [ profile] brilliantcat , [ profile] goldencell , [ profile] javabean_dreams , and [ profile] tinykat .

Spouse by [ profile] rhiannon_alexis !
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Mythos Round Robin Gen 2 Part 3
The Mythos Round Robin / Gen 2 Part 3

This is part of the Mythical Creatures Round Robin Legacy!

Gen 1 by [ profile] tinykat. Gen 2 version 1 was by [ profile] needlecream. Latest Round-up is here!

Previously [ 2.1 ] [ 2.2 ]

Warnings for crude humour, sexual situations and generally awful commentary. )

Today's guest appearances are Sims by [ profile] javabean_dreams , [ profile] tinykat , and[ profile] madame_ugly . Spouse by [ profile] rhiannon_alexis
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Mythos Gen 2 part 2

Welcome back to the Mythos Round Robin Legacy Generation 2 part 2.

Previous updates: Gen 2.1

This is a [ profile] pixel_trade  "Mythical Creatures Round Robin" legacy (latest roundup here).
Gen 1 by [ profile] tinykat . Gen 2 version 1 was by [ profile] needlecream .

Wow, this challenge sucked. Keep reading. )

With sims by[ profile] tinykat  and [ profile] rhiannon_alexis .
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The Mythos RR Legacy Gen 2 - Part 1

The Mythos RR legacy: Generation 2.1

About 160 pics. I know that's probably way too many pics but I got carried away with the cuteness. A lot of it is just pic spamming though. >.<

Warnings: Coarse language. Really stupid humour.

It's all topsy turvy over here. Keep reading! )

With sim appearances by [ profile] charterzard , [ profile] fivesims , [ profile] madame_ugly , [ profile] naughtydolphin , [ profile] rhiannon_alexis , [ profile] rome_raven81 , [ profile] simpurity , [ profile] tinykat , [ profile] upendoaushi  and a Pixel_Trade BAN lot by [ profile] juri_anne .
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Gen 1.4

(Gotta love evil little girls.)
A Nova Legacy Challenge
crossposted from  Sims 2 Supernova

previous posts [ 1.0 intro ] [ 1.1 ] [ 1.2 ] [ 1.3 ]

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Generation 1.2
The Joy Legacy 1-2

A Nova Legacy Challenge
crossposted from  Sims 2 Supernova

previous posts [ 1.0 intro ] [ 1.1 ]

Read the Generation 1-2 here )
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Joy Legacy gen 1.1
A Nova Legacy Challenge

Previous posts [ 1.0 intro ]
x-posted from The Sims 2 Supernova forums

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The Joy Legacy 1.0

I've gone against my better judgment and went ahead and signed up for the Nova's Legacy Challenge 3(despite signing up late! It's cool that they let me though. ) This is what happens when you're bored and braindead. Oh well... I know I've already been neglecting my other Legacy, but I figure this one will also be a challenge in writing for me. I was going to post this along with the 2nd part, but I'm still really tired from the rest of the day. The 2nd part will go up soon.

the Joy Legacy gen 1.0 )

P.S. I've still been playing the Jinzous, don't think I've forgotten about them! :D
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[ 1.0 ] [ 1.1 ][ 1.2 ] [ 1.3 ] [ 1.4 ]» previous chapters

image Jinzou legacy 1-5

Warnings: coarse language, lame commentary, seriously
Time for heirs! :D

Continue reading the Jinzou Legacy 1 point 5 )
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[ 1.0 ] [ 1.1 ][ 1.2 ] [ 1.3 ] » previous chapters

image <br /><br />The Jinzou Legacy 1.4

Oh hey, guess who downloaded a ton of new fonts! :D

Warnings: Bad words, I think.
+80 pics

Haha, just when you thought it was dead, it's back! )
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[ 1.0 ] [ 1.1 ][ 1.2 ] » previous chapters

Gen 1.3

Jinzou legacy gen1.3

Warnings: Coarse language, crude humour, lameness

Continue reading for more adventures of Jinzou, Warrior of Azeroth... )

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[ 1.0 ] [ 1.1 ] » previous chapters

Gen 1.2
Jinzou Legacy chap 1.2

Notes: Oh hell naw, I haven't given up on this legacy so soon. Muahahaha!!!

Warnings: Coarse/mature language, adult themes, crude humour, more WoW references, all around lameness

More Adventures of Jinzou, Warrior of Azeroth, this way... )
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Jinzou <br /><br />Legacy Chapter 02

In our last chapter, our hero Jinzou Jinzou, level 70 warrior of the Alliance, is ported through time and space to Sunset Valley where she accepts a new quest to found a Legacy. After insulting half the town, she ends up in a long conversation with Cycl0n3 Sw0rd only to beat him up at the end of the night. The day ends with Jinzou failing to come home with a legacy partner.

[ 1.0 ] « previous chapters

warnings: coarse language, crude humour, violence, WoW references again, very bad graphics

Continue reading... )
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Chapter 1.0

50+ pics

Warnings: coarse language, crude humour, lame and possibly inaccurate WoW references, horrible, horrible graphics

*My graphics for Ts3 are actually pretty bad. I've since fiddled around with various in-game graphic and video card settings to at least make my Sims look somewhat presentable in later screenshots though. Anyway, this is my first official play-by-the-rules legacy challenge. Hope you enjoy!

Continue reading... )
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Well, the Poll is now closed and the results are clear, our Founder will be Jinzou Jinzou, fresh from Azeroth, or Draenor, or whereever the hell I parked her last (and yes, that will be her name, har!). I will admit, I am actually very surprised with the results, but I'm pleased nonetheless. I honestly didn't think Craig and Jaiden would get many votes as they were so obviously against the legacy challenge rules. And as for Tyler... well she didn't do so well, but I threw her a pity vote because I couldn't stand seeing her at 0, lol. C'est la vie! And Linden, I would have been happy if he won. There's still a chance he can roam around in one of my other neighbourhoods though.

In any case, I'm starting this thing tonight after perhaps a delicious dinner of mushroom pizza and veggies. Alcohol might be involved. O.o

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote. :D
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I know TS3 sort of plays like crap on my machine and my screenshots won't be the best (particularly those taken outdoors, ewwww). But I still sort of want to do a TS3 legacy challenge with totally lax rules as a break from my current story.

Anyway, to keep my interest somewhat going, I've decided I want a founder from previous games, but I can't decide who to pick. So hopefully I'm not being to bold in requesting that you, the community, decide for me, lol.

The poll will be posted in the next entry.



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