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image Jinzou legacy 1-5

Warnings: coarse language, lame commentary, seriously
Time for heirs! :D

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Hi folks chapter 1.5 is at an end and here we have the Generation 2 Heir poll! I do have a personal favourite, but I won't mention which one it is. I will totally respect the outcome of the vote!

Poll is closed! Thank you everyone who voted! :D

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Thanks for reading everyone!
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image <br /><br />The Jinzou Legacy 1.4

Oh hey, guess who downloaded a ton of new fonts! :D

Warnings: Bad words, I think.
+80 pics

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Gen 1.3

Jinzou legacy gen1.3

Warnings: Coarse language, crude humour, lameness

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Gen 1.2
Jinzou Legacy chap 1.2

Notes: Oh hell naw, I haven't given up on this legacy so soon. Muahahaha!!!

Warnings: Coarse/mature language, adult themes, crude humour, more WoW references, all around lameness

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Jinzou <br /><br />Legacy Chapter 02

In our last chapter, our hero Jinzou Jinzou, level 70 warrior of the Alliance, is ported through time and space to Sunset Valley where she accepts a new quest to found a Legacy. After insulting half the town, she ends up in a long conversation with Cycl0n3 Sw0rd only to beat him up at the end of the night. The day ends with Jinzou failing to come home with a legacy partner.

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warnings: coarse language, crude humour, violence, WoW references again, very bad graphics

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Chapter 1.0

50+ pics

Warnings: coarse language, crude humour, lame and possibly inaccurate WoW references, horrible, horrible graphics

*My graphics for Ts3 are actually pretty bad. I've since fiddled around with various in-game graphic and video card settings to at least make my Sims look somewhat presentable in later screenshots though. Anyway, this is my first official play-by-the-rules legacy challenge. Hope you enjoy!

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