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The Three Sisters bid you tidings this All Hallow's Eve.

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I hope everyone has the most awesome 2012 ever!

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Happy Holidays from SimTopi!

The Tinkers of Bluewater Village would like to wish everyone a safe and wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!
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Out with the old...

Old with the old...

It's the New Year in a lot of places (about 5  1/2 hrs  to go in Toronto here!) I hope everyone has a good night!
(pic notes: I saw  Lalabubus' contribution to the GoS Advent Calendar and was immediately inspired. So much good stuff in there! Thank you!)
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Seasons Greetings from Simtopi

Since I will most likely be pretty busy tomorrow and hung over on Christmas morning, I'm posting this now. :) (I'll be around, just not in the posting capacity :p).

Have a good Holiday all! :)
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Last year I did zombies, of course this year would be witches, especially these ones.  I'll be pretty busy this weekend so I wanted to post this now.  :D 

Have a spooky one, all! 

(P.S. the lyrics in the pic is from Marianne Faithful's "The Witch's Song", which doesn't really suit the witches in this story, but I loved that lyric.)

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Rowan and Linden made this

First of all, I really want to thank everyone who's left a note at [ profile] allthingsimlish. It means so much to me and I appreciate it so much, so from the bottom of my heart thank you. :D

Right now, I'm getting ready to head off to the boyfriend's place and hang out with him before he leaves for his hometown for the holidays. For the rest of this week, I'm going to take it easy a bit and not worry about anything, if I can. In the Sims world, there are a couple of sims holiday projects I want to finish up before Friday. I'm kind of eager to give my SWG secret santa her present and half of it is done, but the other part needs a little bit more to it. Since I'll be out, I can't get to it tonight, but it will be done. Oh yes, it will be done. :D

I'm also due a few pic spams as well. So yeah, I'll get to that before Christmas. Speaking of pics, Rowan made that snowman up there as a child, with his brother Linden's help. LOL. :)
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Everyone should check this new community and meme out! :D linky here. I think it's such an awesome and sweet idea. So go post your LJs so I have some more to comment on. :D
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Happy Hallowe'en

This was done for the SimsWritersGuild hallowe'en photoshoot, so I thought I'd share it here too on this magical, special day where we get to celebrate our zombieness.  Have a good one all. :D 

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