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Sentate skirt with Jesstheex socks

I made a copypasta thing. I don’t even know if this has been already done (I did search!), I just wanted to try it for myself:  Sentate’s SoHo skirt with with converses, tights and socks by Jesstheex.

** Download it here **
 (files compressorized, properly labelled, mesh by Sentate included)

ETA: This is the first time I've ever shared bodyshop CC. Please, please, please let me know if anyone has any problems with these. Thank you! ^_^

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Zone type: Residential
Size: 2x2, 3 levels
Price: §126,974
custom content: none
EP/SP requiredall

The CC-less version of the Goodie house is available for download.  It really isn't that much different than the version I pic-spammed last night, and is a much lighter download.

 Pics and download link at my site. 


Dec. 30th, 2011 03:03 am
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Good evening folks!

A few people requested posters of the Simtopi cast. I had a lot of fun doing these, I hope no one minds if I share them here!  

These are the first recolours I've ever shared, so please do let me know if anything is amiss with them. 

Download links here )

Previews and details +12 pics )
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5 Heath Ave

Hello! Up for download is the small lot from the Interlude 2, as requested in the comment thread there.  Available is the full CC version, as well as a non-CC version.

Pic spam and floor layouts ahead. :)

10 more pics and download links )

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Zone type: Apartment
Size3×2 (2 levels, 5 apartments)
Price: ??
custom content: see CC list below
EP/SP requiredall


Made for a Foundation Challenge a while ago. It’s actually become one of my favourite apartments in my hood, so I fixed this up a bit so I could share it.

Credit to [ profile] remisims for the foundation. There is a version loaded with CC, and a version without CC. I do very much recommend downloading the non CC version. Download link at the bottom of this post! Mind the notes!

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Club Dante

A while ago, I said I would make this lot available for upload. Sorry it took so long to do, but it's available now! And yes, I spent a ridiculous amount of time making sure the Super Duper Hug bug wasn't on the lot when I packaged it up. Please do let me know if you're encountering it playing these lots direct. 

I've also made Club Divine available as well. :) 
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The SSU greek house lots

I’ve been playing the SSU greek houses for a while, and I was not really happy with them in their original state. So I made them over with elements from the later EPs/SPs. The Tri-Var got a little more structural change as it is a setting for my story.

I haven't done too much with them other than update them for the later expansion and stuff packs. I got the idea to share them after having too much fun playing with my girls in Chapter 36.  Of course, we'll see the original Tri-Var girls (Brittany, Tiffany and Heather) in future chapters. I'm looking to be done with the Brittany storyline soon. Anyway, here's the pic spam. 

About 30ish pics this way )

(Pictures are mirrored at

Download here: [ Tri-Var House ] [ Urele Oresha Cham House ]
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Honestly, I didn't expect such a great response for the City Hall pics from the last post. :D I didn't feel like it was one of my better lots... huge, yes, but not that great, personally.

But thanks so much for all the nice feedback about it! So here I am offering a download for it. You can grab it here.

Please note: I haven't had a chance to play test the lot since I've added all the extra stuff to it. It's about 11mb large, and has a bit of custom content in it, including a few OMSPs. It also does require all the expansion packs and stuff packs to play. And it's huge; About 4 levels and not of the rooms are finished. Zoned as a community lot. Lot is "as is".

Please feel free to fix it up, redecorate, and complete it as you will. I don't even mind if you redistribute it, permission isn't required (but please credit if you do and please send me a note so I can link to it :D ). This can actually go for all my lots actually.

Edit: Please never upload this or any of my lots to any paysites (this includes TSR)  

Thanks and enjoy. :)

[ Download Link ]
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Zone type: University community lot
Size: 5×4
Price: n/a
custom content: objects, windows (see CC list)
EP/SP required: all (except for Teen Style)


Another community lot or set donated by the City of Simtopi to your neighbourhood.

I wanted an art school kind of set for the story (this lot featured in Chapter 10) so I built this and made it functional as a university community lot. Included should be all skill builders, as well as some arts and crafts hobby items. I’m really not sure what anyone else would do with a lot like this, but there was some interest in it, so here it is. :)

A lot of this was actually inspired by my alma mater, which  did have a great and varied technical art program.

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LJ Cuts lead to original post at

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University Central
Zone type: University community lot
size: 4×5
price: n/a
custom content: none
EP/SP required: all (except for Teen Style)
bonus: a soccer field!

I’ve had this lot in my game for quite some time,  and readers of my story may be familiar with it, so here it is available for download on the off chance anyone else would want it. :)

This is a community lot meant for University, though I think you might be able to adjust it for where ever you need it to be. At the time, I wanted a community lot that students could actually spend their entire semester in if they wanted to. All their needs can be taken care of here if they don’t mind never sleeping because they’re hopped up on espresso. I don’t know why you’d want to keep them here for that long, but just in case, they can survive and get their term papers and assignments done. ;)

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The Asylum
Zone: Residential
Lot Size: 1×5 (custom lot size, see post)
Price: §89 095 (furnished), §43 579 (unfurnished)
Custom content: none


Another Lot built for Pixel Trade’s “Build A Neighbourhood“. This one is for the Rowhouse mini-challenge, which was really neat to do. Even better when you start placing all the rowhouses together.

+20 screenshots of the Asylum )

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The Plaza
Zone: Community
Lot Size: 5×4
Price: n/a
Custom content: none


A community lot for [ profile] pixel_trade's Build A Neighbourhood challenge. Looks thrilling doesn’t it. :p

Click here to for the basic tour and to download

Here for the uber-tour with Pixel_trade's October founders... )
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The Red Modern
Zone: Residential
Lot Size: 3×2
Price: §118 644 (furnished) / §40 214 (unfurnished)
Custom Content: none


I built this lot for [ profile] pixel_trade's “Build a Neighbourhood” challenge, and it’s based loosely on an old lot of mine I already have in game.  This is a spacious, modern home fit for a fair sized family. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, (the master bedroom has an en-suite), a large open kitchen and dining room with plenty of room for family, guests and smustling.  More pics and download link below!

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LJ Cuts lead to original post at

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Pyper House Dormitory
Lot Size: 2×3
Price: n/a
Dorms: 6
Custom Content: none


This is the dormitory that was the setting for the story of Elf and Clive. The idea of this dorm is that it was an old mansion that Sim State U has bought up and commissioned for inexpensive student housing. There are 6 dorms here. The lot is a little run down but at least you get free meals and plenty of space for your Sim students.



The dorm comes with a free pizza… which sort of has been sitting there since the last grad party. In fact, the place hasn’t really been looked after in a few months. I hope the new residents don’t mind a little work.

Continue reading for more screenshots and to download.

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