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Just a small gift. (Though frankly, I should have shared them long ago). Whether you're on livejournal, tumblr or twitter, and for whatever reason you do, thank you for following me. ♥  
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Jasmines Adventures
At this point, I'm going to have to apologize in advance. I'm having way too much fun with TS3, especially with my characters.:)  I think I'm done with Jasmine's sim. I know it won't be exactly like her TS2 self, but I think it's as good as it'll get. I took everyone's advice from the last post and did some small tweaking. It doesn't look like I did too much, but the changes are there. 

Tonight's Pic Spam is from World  Adventures, the other recent EP  acquirement.  
I'm thinking of this game as a kind of parallel universe to Simtopi. ^_^  In this universe,  everything has been relatively dull until after college. 

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Jul. 28th, 2010 10:51 pm
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PT aliens

After gawd knows how long, my aliens are finally fixed! They now can have regular alien default eyes just like real sim aliens thanks to the magic of reinstalling. >.<  

I was actually sort of afraid to try out my aliens after I got my game back, but last night I went ahead and played with them in my testing neighbourhood. And I got a few interesting sims out of it too. ;)  Wheeee!

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Jun. 19th, 2010 11:25 pm
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Pluto McGann
Another "Person Below Me...".  from [ profile] pixel_trade .  Had to do just one more of these. :D 

[ profile] kathsy wrote: "The person below me will make a chubby sim with a round face, wide eyes, white-blonde hair, elf ears and a small mouth."
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Yep, finally made him available for download. He's probably my most requested sim ever. I'm so happy you guys like him (and his TS3 version is included as a bonus).

I hope you enjoy the anniversary gifts, everyone. :)

 edit: I almost forgot the stats. TS2 stats are now added. :) 
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Linden and Rowan Marlen

This is a gift specifically for the readers of SimTopi. I’m sure you know who they are and I do hope you enjoy them. :)

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Could not resist the pull of The Person Below Me challenge on [ profile] pixel_trade !

the person below me...

[ profile] legacyfreak said: "The person below me will make an alien sim with a masculine jaw, sweet eyes, an abnormal hair color, and glasses."
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So I think I had way too much fun tonight. :D

Marlens TS3


They probably aren't the greatest TS2 -> TS3 sims out there, but I don't think I did so badly with them.  I think they're a lot better than my last attempt , and it was fun creating them, even though I know I'll probably never play them in any real capacity.  I'll post a download link later when I figure out how to share them.   Downloads are now available at my site!
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First things first: [ profile] orange_alex posted these nifty new Maxis blend skins, which I promptly started playing with. I can't find them on her journal anymore however they are available at GoS »right here«. The results were these two cuties which I sent over to [ profile] pixel_trade for their January founder collection.

Mars Landers
Mars Landers

Clancy Dell
Clancy Dell

Pics and their download links

(sorry, their custom skintones and other content aren't available on these downloads. If you want the skins, visit the GoS link above)

Also I have a shiny new Dreamwidth account. I'm actually not sure what I'm going to do with it, other than park my handle. I'd post story updates on it but I don't think anyone on dreamwidth (who isn't on LJ) follows my story, so it wouldn't really matter (and if you do, let me know!) In any case, here it is:

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I made two sims for this [ profile] pixel_trade challenge. There are so many awesome sims that came out of this too. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with all the ones I've downloaded so far.

I don't normally make sims but this challenge just seemed too fun to pass up. Anyway, here are both my contributions.

Jasper Endymion
Jasper Endymion
Mina Molina
Mina Molina
Click their pics to see more screens and information @ [ profile] pixel_trade. Both are available for download at my site.

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The Sims Writers Guild made me the Story of the Month which was completely awesome. I'm surprised and pretty dang happy about it. For some reason, I've been pretty happy in general with how my story is going and it's nice to be acknowledged for it. So really, this upload was meant to be a thank you for them, but then I realized that they're getting my self-sim D: ... so I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not, LOL.

In any case go visit the Sims Writers Guild. I've never met a more friendlier bunch of people in the sims community, seriously.

Download my sim self here (stats on the page too)

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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I’ve finally packaged up the Gen 2 Bairds except for Craig Baird. Why no Craig? Because Craig, being the victim of First Born Syndrome is actually a clone of older brother Clive. I didn’t know about FBS when I was playing this family earlier. You can see from my stories that I’ve attempted to make him look as different from Clive as I could superficially. I will no doubt in the future upload his TS3 form though. :)

I have also included the Gen 3 Bairds , Jasmine and Cecilia as a bonus. ;)

The downloads are available at my site.

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I’ve been holding off on this for a while because I normally don’t upload my Sims. I’ve had so much fun playing Generation 2 from my neighbourhood legacy that I thought I’d share if anyone is interested in them.

The downloads are available at my site. I’ll update with their detailed stats as soon as I load up the game.

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