Aug. 2nd, 2012 02:42 am
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I was working on the next update for Simtopi tonight, but had to stop because a) I'm missing an outfit and I needed it to continue shooting a scene I started a long time ago. I think I deleted it in my last minor purge. b) It's 2:30AM and I'm sleepy. :p  

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Just a small gift. (Though frankly, I should have shared them long ago). Whether you're on livejournal, tumblr or twitter, and for whatever reason you do, thank you for following me. ♥  
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Just to give you an idea of what's coming up...

Wesley and Willow

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Feb. 14th, 2012 04:41 pm
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Chapter 48 Teaser (cropped for spoilers :p), because I know there have been a few people out there that ship this. And what the heck, it's Valentine's Day!

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We all know that Sims 2 doesn't do emo-type vampires very well. Sure you've got Edward all cold and sparkly and what not, it kinda kills the mood when he turns to you and goes "BLEHHH! bleh?" Sims 3 isn't any better. :D These were outtakes from my attempt to pose Cecilia and Wesley (both from seperate households), in a community lot.  I'm making a big deal of this, but I really didn't know how to use the mods or cheats in my game yet. So getting this shot was a PITA. :p Here was the final result:
Wesley and Cecilia
Kind of a pseudo teaser  

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 lol emo vampire

... and I'm clearly way too into my characters, I spent a little bit of time recreating a few of them and sending them off to Bridgeport for their photo ops.  No one in the new city knows who they are, as far as I'm concerned they're celebrities. ;D  

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Wesley and Willow
Wesley and Willow from this photoshoot. I didn't like this shot then, but looking it again I don't mind it. :)

I also have a teaser for Chapter 39. This scene was meant to go into 38, but after working that chapter out, I decided it didn't really belong there.

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Wesley and Willo

I wouldn't blame anyone if they thought I forgot about him. ;)
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I've spent the better part of my evening studying. I can't even look at this calculator anymore, I've become number blind. Ugh, I hate math.

I'd take little breaks from studying tonight to write down 10 things about Wesley as tagged by [livejournal.com profile] amochan8878 and [livejournal.com profile] dgjamie. :D

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I'm going to pass on tagging for now because I'm mentally tired and kind of want to just zone out on the internet until I go to sleep or my laptop battery runs out. I've got Sibyll, Linden, Jasmine and a wildcard to do next so I'll tag some people then. HOWEVER, please go ahead and post your 10 things for your characters if you'd like to do this meme and feel free to link to it here. I haven't been commenting a lot lately but I still enjoy reading these. :)

The rules again:
1. Post 10 facts about your character.
2. Tag 5 other characters.
3. Post their names with the creators' usernames.
4. You can tag back!


Mar. 15th, 2010 09:00 pm
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I was playing around with some different genetics a while ago, which led me to the humungous alien fail of last week. Well, giving up on the aliens (I'm settling for contacts >.<) I then proceeded to play around with the other creatures.

I came across this vamp default by Skittleboxes while I was browsing through [livejournal.com profile] simtarts ' resource page (read Cape Calamity btw, it's brilliant). Anyway, I figured I'd play around with this a bit.


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Well I'm back home and I just started on my next chapter, so hopefully I'll have it up by this weekend. I mentioned in my last story post how this cat isn't really a part of the story, just background really. But everytime I placed him somewhere, he just did all these awesome animations. So here's an outtake collection of that damn cat. Mostly because it amuses me :D.

That Cat

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BTW, my MTS yearbook page is up. :D

LOL Promo

Sep. 25th, 2009 10:57 am
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simtopi promo lololol
So I wanted a group shot to make possible header banners and other promotional type materials. And this was the result! I sit back and I keep giggling at it because it seriously reminds me of some TV drama promo which wasn't exactly what I was going for, but it works. And my capture software takes pics as JPEGs so there was all this crappy jpeg artifacting so I filtered the pic up a little. When I get around to it I will probably reshoot. I don't know if I could use it in a header but I'll play around and see what I come up with. :p I'm happy with it even if it is a little cheesy.

Here's a larger image. (same poses different angle/composition) It cuts Wesley off but he gets enough screen time, I'm sure he'll be okay.

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busy busy

Sep. 1st, 2009 08:17 pm
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Today brought interesting life events for me, and hopefully it'll get better. But first, there's a lot of work I have to do and I've been pretty lazy recently. I have to get my house ready to sell and dammit I wish I could decorate it as easily as I can in the Sims lol. I do have to make a trip or two to IKEA so it's sort of like simming... O.o So this week, I'm going to work on RL things and play the Sims when I can. That means, I might skip a story update this week. Which is okay, because I'm kinda dreading posing the next chapter (the dreaded 13th Chapter oooooo). But I'll still be around. :p

Hopefully this picture of a certain spooky vampire playing in puddles will tide everyone over.

Wesley and puddles

(it's an old picture. This was the first thing Wesley did when he was embraced)

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