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Linden in Takemizu

I know it might seem like Linden Marlen is the nice half of the Marlen twins, but he can be as much of a jerk as Rowan is. 

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You could file this under stuff I probably spent way too much time on. >_<

Willows Picture Wall

The frames are from Thread and Sandpaper. This is the first time I've ever attempted to recolour a custom object. I can't believe I managed to do this without exploding my game! :D  

I had a little bit of fun posing out a family portrait for the Marlen family (last entry).  A few more in detail after the cut. 

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I have several screenshots. I have a decent idea of what scenes I need. And now I'm sitting here wondering what to do with all the pictures. I feel like I'm playing a game with my own story and the story is beating me.

It probably is an organization problem, but I think a big thing for me to is that a lot of the chapters coming up, including the next one, will have some kind of conclusion or resolution. Like I've said before, I need to be careful how to balance all of it. I'm kind of bummed out that this next chapter is not working for me yet, but I don't know how to get around that. I'm not enthusiastic about it. Maybe I need to throw in some kind of random zombie invasion or something. I don't know, lol. All I guess I could do is complain about it a little bit and hope my readers forgive me. >_<

So have an apology outtake instead. :)
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Wesley and Willow
Wesley and Willow from this photoshoot. I didn't like this shot then, but looking it again I don't mind it. :)

I also have a teaser for Chapter 39. This scene was meant to go into 38, but after working that chapter out, I decided it didn't really belong there.

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I'm telling you, this past week was pretty crazy for me, but things have calmed down a bit now. :) I'm going to try to at least keep my off times for myself this week, so that means more fun and simming! :D

Before we go on to the meme, to the secret poster who posted #11 for last weeks secrets, this really made me smile. I'm glad you're thinking about writing for any reason and like I said in the comments you totally should. Just have fun! Having fun with sim stories is important. :D

[ profile] jerzibot tagged Linden for the 10 Things Meme. Linden was a challenge because he's not really a major character, but I am really happy that people seemed to like him. I struggled a bit to find 10 things but somehow I ended up with 11. >_> Again, I'll skip the tagging for now (I still have to catch up with my f-list, I don't know who's done the meme or not!), but you know you can do this if you'd like!

Linden Marlen

For reference, here's Rowan and Willow's facts.

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Linden and Rowan Marlen

This is a gift specifically for the readers of SimTopi. I’m sure you know who they are and I do hope you enjoy them. :)

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So I think I had way too much fun tonight. :D

Marlens TS3


They probably aren't the greatest TS2 -> TS3 sims out there, but I don't think I did so badly with them.  I think they're a lot better than my last attempt , and it was fun creating them, even though I know I'll probably never play them in any real capacity.  I'll post a download link later when I figure out how to share them.   Downloads are now available at my site!
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Now Linden is back, I decided to do a quick photoshoot of the siblings, since I don't really have one of them all together like this.

Linden, Willow, Rowan

I'm also working on a photo tutorial which will simplify some cinematography and storyboarding tips and tricks that I've learned over the years of being an animator.  There's already lots of stuff online, but hopefully i'll be able to give this the Sim point of view. :D   I don't know if it's needed or what not, but I'll write it out and see if it's useful to anyone. Please let me know if there's anything specific I should include in it. :)
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Just some random shots of my favourite family, the Marlens.

Willow Marlen, very shy, nerdy, witch-in-training. I was playing around with different face-masks here. I won't be using all that for the story pics, but it was fun to play around with it. I don't get a lot of chances to put sims together as most of the Sims I play right now are born in game.

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