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The Duarte House
Last night I went to go test some CC in the game, and randomly picked a family out of the neighbourhood to help me out with it. The pointer landed on the Duartes. :D   

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Aug. 4th, 2011 12:24 am
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Opened my game up with the intention to do something story related... and ended up  having the gang just hanging around because I couldn't figure out what to do. So I decided to pose it; everyone, waiting for me to do something. ;)   

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time to go home

Last big TS3 pic spam for a while. :) 

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Ooh P.S. I almost forgot to mention that for those who might have been curious, I found some info on Moxie Logan, Adrian's now deceased fiancee and celebrity fitness trainer.
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death of moxie

Well, the "Moxie" problem apparently isn't a problem anymore. >_>

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 Jasmine learned that Adrian is in a relationship with Moxie.

Seriously, Jasmine just can't get a break with this guy.  

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Except it doesn't look all that different. >_>

[ profile] spyroeldragon  found a skin blend set and eye edit by Leh ( post here ) so of course I had to try them. . 

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Jasmine: Um, hey. Adrian is hot but he's being kind of a dick right now. Help me out here? 

Poor girl. I've been too busy making her fight zombies, her grades kind of slipped. Oops.

I went over to their dorm to play around with their CC a little bit last night and found her moaning about something or the other when I discovered that this happened somehow. So just to shut her up offer some amends, I fullfilled one of her wants and let her throw a sports party. 

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More skintone tomfoolery with my characters. This time, using a set by [ profile] niloublue (Link here). Also using eyes by [ profile] juri_anne .

Jasmine and Adrian skin test

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And you must check out Jasmine and (TS3) Rowan in alternate universe fun over at [ profile] selenaq13 's. !!!! <3 <3 <3
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I don't think I've ever done a proper tour of this dorm. I've been using it since Generation 2 (original inhabitants were Lydia and Denise Markelly). I had meant to upload it a while ago along with the Rose Road Dorms but I didn't seem to have a vacant version packaged up and there's a few things that I'm unhappy with on a technical level. But it works fine as a set.


It's actually called "The Tiberius House" in my game. I don't know why, I wanted this to be a sports/fitness oriented dorm and ended up thinking of James T. Kirk. Absolutely no clue why.

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Eye colours test

I like to call my game "maxis-match" even though it really isn't. It's sort of like a hybrid maxis-cartoony-realistic game, LOL. I don't know what else to call it, but I like it.   I think Nett's Eyeball edits really work for my sims and my story, but I got a little bored and wanted to play around with making my characters just a little more cartoony. So I  changed up their looks a bit tonight.

I switched up the eye colours with the Easy/Lucky/Free   eyes that used to be my old defaults. I also gave them nose masks and  Maxis-match eyebrows by Aquilegia. I'm kinda liking the results. :) 

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I really need to take more pics of the stupid things my sims do when I'm playing them. :D

Let's start with Sibyll (chapter 19). This was just a pic that didn't make it in. I liked it, that's all.

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LOL Promo

Sep. 25th, 2009 10:57 am
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simtopi promo lololol
So I wanted a group shot to make possible header banners and other promotional type materials. And this was the result! I sit back and I keep giggling at it because it seriously reminds me of some TV drama promo which wasn't exactly what I was going for, but it works. And my capture software takes pics as JPEGs so there was all this crappy jpeg artifacting so I filtered the pic up a little. When I get around to it I will probably reshoot. I don't know if I could use it in a header but I'll play around and see what I come up with. :p I'm happy with it even if it is a little cheesy.

Here's a larger image. (same poses different angle/composition) It cuts Wesley off but he gets enough screen time, I'm sure he'll be okay.

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And 'cause I couldn't sleep, I decided to work on the story a bit, but I also put together some character shots.

So here's a pic spam of Jasmine and Adrian.

Jasmine Baird
Jasmine Baird

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