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I've been playing around with Auberon when I've had a chance... which lately doesn't seem to happen very often. Chapter 53 is forming up in my head, I hadn't had a chance to do anything with it lately though. 

But in anycase, AllThingsSimlish is up again and the Warm Fuzzies keep giving! :D   My thread is here, and do NOT forget to post yours. :)  

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Watch live streaming video from simtopi at

Previously recorded yesterday, me in Create A World, building on a yet unnamed town. I paint rocks, plant shrubberies, fun exciting stuff. I even got a drabble out of it! :D

I was working on this hood a while ago, CAW started getting all crashy, lost the world, didn't go back to it, etcetera, etc. I got the bug to start building this hood again. :D

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Bella and Mortimer
I got the Sims 3 patched up and just for fun, I started playing around with Mortimer and Bella in Sunset Valley. And for even more shits and giggles, I installed Cmomoney's Pose Player.  So that's what I did tonight. 

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I posted this first pic on my Tumblr a little bit ago. For kicks, I downloaded the Create-A-World for TS3, like I said I would a while back, and got to work on... something. 

new world in progress

So I started with this random blob of land and just played around until I got a general terrain I think I could work with.  The following pic is what I have today.  And no, this isn't TS3 Simtopi, in case you're wondering. ;) 

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 Meadow Thayer

I mentioned I was looking for a TS3 version of Meadow Thayer a bit ago. After finally getting to it tonight, it looks to me like  Acchan0's Meadow was the closest to the original Meadow Thayer (aka Face 8 EASI). Thanks for your help on that, everyone! :D 

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We all know that Sims 2 doesn't do emo-type vampires very well. Sure you've got Edward all cold and sparkly and what not, it kinda kills the mood when he turns to you and goes "BLEHHH! bleh?" Sims 3 isn't any better. :D These were outtakes from my attempt to pose Cecilia and Wesley (both from seperate households), in a community lot.  I'm making a big deal of this, but I really didn't know how to use the mods or cheats in my game yet. So getting this shot was a PITA. :p Here was the final result:
Wesley and Cecilia
Kind of a pseudo teaser  

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time to go home

Last big TS3 pic spam for a while. :) 

Cecilia's adventures pic spam, +60 barely organized pics ahead )

Ooh P.S. I almost forgot to mention that for those who might have been curious, I found some info on Moxie Logan, Adrian's now deceased fiancee and celebrity fitness trainer.
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death of moxie

Well, the "Moxie" problem apparently isn't a problem anymore. >_>

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I have plans! *evil grin*

I did a brief search for a TS3 conversion of Meadow Thayer.

These are the three Meadows that I found:


I'm leaning towards Achann0, but I'd love some more recommendations if you have any, please! What do you guys think? Help?!

(Currently working, so I can't check these in game right now)

I do think that Meadow should have at least the family-oriented in there somewhere. I know she has the penchance for being the "town bike" in some simmers (maybe I've been ruined by exchange legacies), but I just think that she's just looking for the right sim to love and start a family with. I also think that "hopeless romantic" and "easily impressed" would be good traits for her too. :) Of course, I'm also influenced by how I write her. >_>

My plans? May or may not have something to do with sproglets and this guy. Ahem. >_>

And seriously guys, thank you for letting me indulge in the TS3 spam this week. I am having a lot of fun playing my sims in a totally different way. :)
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 Jasmine learned that Adrian is in a relationship with Moxie.

Seriously, Jasmine just can't get a break with this guy.  

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Jasmines Adventures
At this point, I'm going to have to apologize in advance. I'm having way too much fun with TS3, especially with my characters.:)  I think I'm done with Jasmine's sim. I know it won't be exactly like her TS2 self, but I think it's as good as it'll get. I took everyone's advice from the last post and did some small tweaking. It doesn't look like I did too much, but the changes are there. 

Tonight's Pic Spam is from World  Adventures, the other recent EP  acquirement.  
I'm thinking of this game as a kind of parallel universe to Simtopi. ^_^  In this universe,  everything has been relatively dull until after college. 

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 lol emo vampire

... and I'm clearly way too into my characters, I spent a little bit of time recreating a few of them and sending them off to Bridgeport for their photo ops.  No one in the new city knows who they are, as far as I'm concerned they're celebrities. ;D  

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Hope everyone is having a good Saturday night!

I thought I'd try here first. There are a few awesome TS3 sim makers on my f-list but I didn't want to assume that they'd be up for taking any requests. This particular request is not for myself but for another awesome fellow Simmer and storyteller. She's looking for someone to make celebrity(?) lookalikes. Question mark because its all top secret! O:

Let me know if you know anyone who can take up this challenge and I'll forward it over to Rad. :) Thank you in advance.
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(stolen from Spring 4 sims )

With Ambitions and now "Late Night", I may do a complete move over to the "dark side", especially if we get sky scraper neighbourhood objects and those vampires are real. And let's hope an EP comes along with aliens and witches too! :D

No worries though, Simtopi will continue on in TS2. :D

I am totally excited for this.
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I mentioned in the comments, but thank you so much again to whoever posted #34 in this week's simsecrets. Thank you for making me smile. I know I've gotten some new readers lately, so I do hope it lives up to the "hype" (though to be honest about it, I'm wary of that a bit, I don't know why. I'm still freakishly insecure some days.) But really, I appreciate it. :D And thank you as well to #52 for including me. You're right the intertubes are full of awesome people. :D

Ahem. Anyway, me fooling around more with the pudding factory. And this means someone new moves into Sims 3 Willow's neighbourhood. :O


She seems to like him.  I wonder who it could be? >:)

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Okay, so the more CC I add to my TS3 game, the slower it runs. It sucks, because I really like playing it and like anyone, I like having lots of choices for looks and stuff. I've gone back to using Aikea_Guinea's default skins instead of Papercat's which the Joy Legacy founder was using because as much as I like them, the file was 49mb (22mb compressed) compared to Aikea_Guinea's 8mb uncompressed. I didn't like them enough to play with a laggy game. :(

Woe is me. What's a TS3 player to do?! )
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Gen 1.4

(Gotta love evil little girls.)
A Nova Legacy Challenge
crossposted from  Sims 2 Supernova

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