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chapter 52

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Serious warning: graphic depictions of blood, death and violence.  (You know. Vampires. :p) 

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chapter 51

Warnings: Coarse language, a teeny bit of magic violence

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chapter 50

50th chapter! :D 

Warnings: coarse language, kind-of-sort-of-teeny bit of violence :p 

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chapter 48 part 1

Warnings: animal abuse :(, violence, coarse language, lots of sparkling

With sims by [profile] starling_1, and [profile] amochan8878 

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chapter 47

Warnings: Coarse language, implied nekidness, adult situations, violence, emo vampires.

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Simtopi chapter 44

Warnings: bad words, implied nudity, adult situations, violence, abuse of goth imagery and dream sequences...


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Simtopi chapter 43

Warnings: Domestic violence, bullying, coarse language

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chapter 35

warnings: language, adult situations, sims in underwear, oh yeah, you know what that's about...   

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simtopi chapter 41

Warnings: Swearing, violence, and teenagers.

Other notes: I should add, it might help to read chapter 21 as a refresher for this chapter.

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chapter 40

Warnings: coarse language, no MySims :D
And yay, 40 chapters! wow O_o

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chapter 39

Warnings: Mild language. Violence. Ret-conning the legacy. Sort of.

You may want to get caught up with Chapter 19 for this chapter.

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Simtopi Chapter 38

: Violence, death, (badly post-edited) blood, coarse/mature language. Very strong language. Horror elements.


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image: Simtopi chapter 36

Warnings: swearing, adult situations

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Warnings: Coarse language, violence, death, sims getting drunk.

Featuring sims by [profile] shelbster93  and a small appearance by[personal profile] tyjet92  and [personal profile] odddude1 

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simtopi chapter 34

Warnings: Coarse language, lol post-processing, lots of words omg!

With sims by [profile] amochan8878 , [personal profile] eshuff , [personal profile] leaths , [profile] naughtydolphin , [profile] nimi4 , [personal profile] remisims , [profile] shelbster93 
(names have been changed to protect the innocent O_o )

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