Oct. 30th, 2012

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Some of you might have already heard about what's going on in LJ land, and if you haven't I suggest you read about it here. You've probably noticed already that they're giving you the option to switch to the new friend list via a big bright link at the top of your friends page.

I tried it and I switched back which thankfully you can still do. There is about 1000+ comments on that post I linked above and I have yet to read even one that sings the praises of the new change. Folks, sometimes change isn't good.

I'm waiting to see if LJ pays attention. The majority of my time on livejournal is spent on my friends page. I bought a paid account in part to be able to customize my entire journal however I want. If they take that away, I don't see the point anymore. Furthermore, I am really not a fan of the style they're imposing. I don't know if they will offer us options to at least change the colours.

I'm looking into other blog platform options. It's looking like dreamwidth right now, mostly because most of you are already on it, but I'm open to checking out blogspot, wordpress or even hosting it on my own. Lately I'm finding out about updates (stories, CC, etc) through twitter, tumblr and google reader anyway. But like I said, I'm waiting to see if LJ implements this thing in full (ignoring pretty much all the feedback begging them otherwise), and then I'll make up my mind.

If you are on DW, let me know. Here's mine: simtopi.dreamwidth.org. (I should update it :P)

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