Jan. 3rd, 2012

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I hope everyone had a great Holiday. :D I did... full of fun, Sims and relaxing. Unfortunately I caught a pretty bad cold, and I was hoping to shake it off last night by having a low stress night. Today, it's still around, as annoying as ever.

Yesterday, we went out for lunch with old friends who were visiting from Vancouver. On my way out, I stepped off the curb, tripped, kind of twisted my ankle and landed on my knee.

This is me today: three weeks of a constant diet of truffles, chocolates and other treats has made my skin break out in humungous acne the likes we haven't seen around these parts since the mid-teens :p. I have not been to the gym in over a month. My ankle is slightly swollen and my knee is bruised. I am full of snot. I am a vision of loveliness right now. :D

Anyway enough about that, I bring you a teaser!

Intriguing teaser is possibly intriguing... )

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