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A Tour of Simtopi through Livestream. Previously recorded from this evening. :)

Watch live streaming video from simtopi at
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Simtopi hood view
I didn't really have a lot of scenic pics of Simtopi from the neighbourhood view, so this is what I did tonight. 

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Gabriels apartment

This is the  view facing "west" of my Sim State University hood.  Right at the bottom of the pic are the University Way shops, and you can see the 3 small houses on Almond Road. The second plumbBob from the left is Gabriel's apartment.   I imagine the place to be set in a small rural town, the university being the big business there, so the neighbouring areas is country side full of farms and green space. The railroad we see here goes north to south and is surrounded by rocks and trees.

When I went in to shoot Chapter 37, I did notice a discrepancy which I guess I never noticed before. Take a look at the hood view above, and the next pic (from the chapter, no big spoilers) below the cut

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Street Pics

Dec. 8th, 2010 03:50 am
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Simtopi Street Pics

I wanted to work on Chapter 36 tonight, but got caught up with lot building to get myself into it. I won't go into what the lot is, for now. I haven't decided if I will write in that scene in a few chapters. But I did take some pictures, and a few more of the surrounding neighbourhood. All these lots are in the main hood.

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Currently smushing together my [ profile] pixel_trade neighbourhood, most originally named "Pixel TradePost". I'm the most creative person EVER. :p  This is just Bluewater Village and a bunch of lots from my lot bin. Most are mine, some are other's.  It's kind of haphazard but I did give them a marina! :D

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I spent the better part of last night on "improving" this area of SimTopi that I've called East River Street (just for fun, no story purpose or anything). This is just a part of a downtown subhood of my main neighbourhood. I still feel like my hood is a work in progress. A lot of these lots aren't functional yet, but for the moment, I was aiming for superficiality. 

East River Street

Rowan's apartment. The lot didn't change much but the neighbourhood objects did.

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Simtopi East End
I've been spending some of my free time building sets, lots and putting together the neighbourhood and it always reminds me how much fun doing that is for me. The main neighbourhood of Simtopi is intentionally small, just to ease up a little on my load time. But I've found that I've needed sets (and homes) for other scenes too, so that's when I started to build Simtopi's "East End". Essentially it's a downtown subhood, a sort of older, low income industrial neighbourhood somewhere between Simtopi's downtown and Sim State U. This is where I've placed the General hospital as well as Maudlin Hollows. I'm kind of happy with how it's all coming together.

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I finally stopped being a chicken about using Hoodreplace, (worrying about my game becoming corrupt) backed up my files and took the plunge.   I’ve been seriously outgrowing the current map and the layout was just too impractical for what I wanted to do. I just wanted a simple, flat terrain that I can work as a base for an urban neighbourhood. I used the game’s sample.sc4 map to replace New Simtopi’s. After a bit of terrain editting and placing all the lots in proper order, I’m now happy with how New SimTopi is looking.

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